BVM / Xtreme A-10 1:7.75 EVF

Main Wheels, Tires, and Brakes Upgrade

Inside and outside view of the BVM Wheel / Brake Upgrade

  Our experience with the Skymaster Wheels, Tires, and Brakes have all been positive with the exception of those that come on the Xtreme A-10.  They are sensitive to proper inflation and have peeled off the wheel hubs with side loads that occur in crosswind operations.

  We addressed this issue following "Top Gun" 2014 where that "peeling off" cost a few points on each landing.

  This BVM Upgrade Kit includes BVM 3-1/2" Wheels and "O" Ring Brakes, BVM Machined Aluminum Axle Adaptor, precision ground Axle, hardware, and 4 pages of illustrated instructions to assure your success.

Part # K4017A-05
Price: $315.00


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