EVF Addendum

Discussion:  There has been one occasion where the insulation on the power wires that exit the top of the aft fairing pylon was scuffed by the sharp edge of the carbon fiber/fiberglass molding.

The damaged wire insulation was discovered on a routine inspection of the model.

We recognize that this could happen to your EVF power or throttle wires, so presented here, is an easy precautionary fix.

The tubing used is the same as supplied with all BVM landing gear air install kits.  Your EVF also came with an extra foam stuffing to limit high pressure air from exiting the top of the pylon.  Should you need either of these items, they are in stock at BVM.

Note:  The EVF should be removed from the model.


□  Cut (2) pieces of tubing 1.6" long.  Use a fresh razor to make a length wise slit in one wall of the tubing.  A pencil point helps to hold and open the tubing.
□  Spread the tubing and apply to the top edges of the pylon.  Apply thin CA to the tubing-to-pylon joints.
□  Razor trim the front end of the foam plug as needed, then insert it into the top of the pylon.  Apply a few drops of CA.
□  A final air leak seal and scuff protection can be accomplished by applying a bit of clear silicone glue to the front end of the pylon.
The Mylar tailpipe will still fit around the pylon as before and perhaps seal better under fan pressure.

Note:  The extra wires shown here are for temperature sensing with EagleTree Telemetry.

EVF units produced after June 21, 2010 have this modification incorporated.