The Phabulous Phantom


LENGTH: Navy 82.5"    Air Force "E" 87.5"
WEIGHT: 31-32 Lbs with power batteries (10S)
PERFORMANCE: 45-175 mph
POWERPLANT: (2) EVF ~2~ 10S 9er

  The BVM 1/8th scale F-4 Phantom is a true replica of the classic jet fighter of the 60's, 70's and 80's. Flown by the U.S. Navy, Marines and Air Force, it also saw service in many foreign countries such as England, Germany, Israel and Japan.

  The Twin EVF powered Phantom is basically the same airframe that has been a BVM product since 1995.  Originally it was powered by twin Viojetts with BVM .91 cu in engines.  Subsequently, internal modifications made the Phantom a very formidable turbine powered jet.  Now, with the most recent advances in electric power and the ultimate reliability of the BVM Electric VioFan, it is a natural to again drive the "Rhino" with fans. As with all BVM EVF jets, the inlet ducting and air flow through the model is optimized for maximum efficient use of the LiPo battery energy.

  This latest version of the BVM Phantom won 3rd place at Top Gun in the Expert Division with Tommy Woods at the controls.  It is no small feat to have a true-to-scale outline twin fighter jet display 175 mph passes, extreme vertical performance, and be safely airborne long enough to present a convincing scale flight routine. It's performance, scale fidelity, ruggedness, and reliability are unmatched in the industry.


The All Composite Kit

  There are 27 primary airframe parts that are molded of epoxy glass, carbon fiber and Kevlar. All panel lines and other details are molded into the skin surfaces. Standard NAVY and USAF F-4C nose section shown on left. F-4E nose is mounted on fuse. Full size CAD drawings are specific to each version.

  Internal structures that you install are accurately machined or laser cut to perfection.

  Full size totally detailed CAD drawings and a photo enhanced manual guides you through every step of construction, finishing, gearing up and flying.


The Undercarriage

F-4 Struts & Wheels

  The F-4 Phantom landing gear is true-to-scale in geometry and location in the model - features that are often missed in scale models. Its rugged construction has paid off for many F-4 drivers because they know they can execute carrier style landings without injuring the gear or the model. These main gear bolt directly to the two carbon fiber molded wing spars that are built into the composite wings.

The wide main gear stance of the F-4 makes it absolutely the best ground handling fighter in the business.

  The BVM Phantom is being enjoyed by numerous experienced scale jet modelers who have found that its airframe integrity and ruggedness has served them well for hundreds of flights.

The markings and nomenclature for each of these models (shown above) are available from
 Pro-Mark 618-524-2440.

  The BVM Phantom has accumulated numerous scale contest awards including Top Gun, but it is primarily enjoyed by its owners at the jet fly-ins. It has a special sound and appearance in the sky that is a real spectator pleaser.

Cockpit Detail Kit


F-4 Top-Side View

F-4 Diagram

Click for a larger version


All Composite Kits
PT# Description Price
E2500 F-4 Phantom - specify Long or Short Nose $3,995.00
BVM9555 Landing Gear System $1,980.00
E1300-95 EVF ~2~ 10S 9 Blade Fan Unit (2 Required) $1,395.00 /each
6600mAh 10-Cell/10S 37.0V G8 Rampage Series 70C LiPo 2pcs 5S Saddle Cells (Angled), Deans Plugs  (2 Required) $479.99 /each


E2500-50 F-4 Cockpit Kit $125.00
BVM9561 F-4 Belly Tank 600 Gal $250.00
BVM9562 F-4 Wing Tanks (pair) Gal $360.00
BVM9515 AIM-7 Sparrow Missile $42.50
BVM5732 MGA Painted Top Gun Pilot $45.00
E1000-22 Power Plug 2 $29.95

F-4 Phantom
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