BVM F-100
Practicing for Top Gun

Steady state slow flight is a very important manuever at a scale contest, especially if the contestant is using a mechanical option or two such as landing gear and flaps.

photo credits: Sam Leonard

Here you see the F-100 fully "down and dirty" with B.V. managing the power to hold a constant airspeed and altitude.

photo credits: Sam Leonard

The F-100 is a great landing aircraft. You can see the slats, flaps and speed brake fully deployed, the nose high attitude, the power on and the brakes preset. Touchdown speed was so slow that the rollout was about 75ft.
Presetting the brakes for a short roll out is not prototypical but this landing demonstrated the Super Sabre's short field capability and we may need that at Top Gun.

Production Sabre Flies

Kent Nogy flew his soon to be finished F-100D in St. George, Utah on April 9, 2001. This model was the first production unit to get in the air and as Kent reported, "Everything worked perfectly". This is great news for all of our F-100 customers.
We believe that in time, the BVM Super Sabre will be as popular as our Phantom at some of the big jet fly-ins.