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F-86 video
Video footage provided by Mitch Weiss
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F-86 Cockpit Kit

A scale pilot enclosure is essential, and BVM's Sabre cockpit kit supplies all of the parts, instructions, and techniques to complete this most important task.

Fiberglass Parts

BVM kits are famous for the superior quality of the epoxy glass parts. The Sabre’s fuselage, fin, stabs, access hatches and ducting are hand crafted with the right amount of fiberglass, Carbon Fiber and Kevlar in just the right places to provide maximum service strength at minimum weight. The scale panel lines are molded into the gray surface coat making the finishing process much easier. Factory installed Carbon Fiber rods in the aft fuse section provide perfect alignment of the aft-to-forward fuse assembly.

Precision Formers

BVM's in-house CNC laser and router centers allow us to supply the ultimate design and material for these all important structural components. Laminates of pure Carbon Fiber, Carbon Fiber and end-grain balsa and aircraft plywood are strategically placed in the model for the best strength-to-weight mountings for the wings, tails, landing gear and radio control components.

Fullsize CAD plans & Real Instructions

An additional fullsize wing drawing gives accurate location of the panel lines and BVM's easy technique for applying them to the finished wing.

Laser Cut Accuracy

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The built-up wing panels are strong, light and repairable. The landing gear is mounted in a box-like structure of machined carbon fiber ribs and spars. The one piece balsa wing skins are laser cut for a perfect fit. Allow 4-5 evenings of model work to assemble both wing panels.

Scale Undercarriage

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The BVM manufactured undercarriage was designed solely for the Sabre Jet. Our many years of experience in this field allow us to design, flight test and build a truly durable and scale functioning landing gear system.
For the first time in jet modeling history, the main struts and wheels are properly located in the F-86's wing.
Scale wheels, tires, struts and disc brake details allow the Sabre to look "real" sitting on the Tarmac.
The air system installation package is absolutely complete, including the patented Smooth Stop II brake valve and airline restrictors for scale operation.

Gear Doors

Match molded of Carbon Fiber, epoxy glass, and vacuum formed inner skins, the nose and main gear doors are properly sequenced and air operated. Machined Carbon Fiber hinges allow for true-to-scale operation.

Fuel System

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Kevlar fuel cells hold 4.6 litres of fuel providing over 12 minutes of flight time. The Sabre's fuel system comes complete with the Kevlar cells, all necessary hardware and a U.A.T. Good design, positions the fuel such that there is no "pitch trim" change during the flight.

Pneumatic Canopy Operation

Start the engine, perform certain preflight checks, then, on taxi-out to the runway, turn a knob on your transmitter and watch the canopy close and lock.
The design and operating components are accomplished for you in this available option.

Wing Tanks & Pylons

Fighter Bombers of this era had underwing pylons to carry extra fuel to get them to the combat zone and engage in air-to-air or air-to-ground attacks. These highly detailed epoxy glass molded options allow you to fully adorn the Sabre Jet.

Speed Brakes

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With the parts made for you as shown, this functional feature is very easy to install in your Sabre. The Carbon Fiber molded skins have the critical hinge pivot formers factory installed. Vacuum formed inner skins, fuse pockets, cylinders and hardware complete this option.


Jet Cradle

This Jet Cradle is designed specifically to ease the assembly, storing and transport of the BVM F-86F.


This removable panel is handy to support the forward section of the fuse when the aft section is removed.
A very durable rubber edge guard protects your Sabre from dents and scratches. Tool storage is possible in the separated trays below.
Machine cut from press board, the kit includes hardware and handles and can be assembled and painted quickly.

F-86 Pricing



F-86 (80") Addendums

Gyro Mount
(addendum #042006)

There should be a wedge shaped balsa shim placed under the Gyro such that its base is parallel to a ground plane. This part was not included in some early Sabre jet kits.

Simply shape a wedge from a piece of hard balsa, seal it with a wipe of Slo-ZAP or Epoxy and glue it to the 1/8" ply platform. Mount the gyro to the platform with adhesive backed Velcro on the bottom and a wrap of 3/8" or 1/2" wide Velcro strap. A straight edge applied to the side of the gyro should be vertical to the ground plane.

Large Fuel Cell Transfer Tubes
Replace Brass with Stainless Steel

There has been one case where the brass tube that transfers fuel through a hole in the fuel cell baffle experienced a razor saw-like cut. The engine flamed out because the remaining fuel below the tube was unusable.
The most likely cause of the brass tubing failure was many miles of trailer transport of the model with the fuel cells empty.

The Fix

BVM now supplies Stainless Steel tubes with the large baffled fuel cells i.e., KingCat, F-100, F-4, Rafale, F-86 (80"). Retrofit parts are available. Ask for part #PSTU003 (quantity 2) price $5.00 for the pair mailed within the USA.
To be honest, we don't know how many travel miles the brass tubes will withstand. It could vary quite a bit. BVM is converting our factory demo models as time allows. Our prototype F-100D is 6 years old, has at least 300 flights and more trailer miles than we can count. We inspected the brass tubes and found minimum wear. We changed them to the Stainless Steel variety anyway.


Alternate Speed Brake Hinge Door Actuation
(addendum #12306)

click here to download pdf (583 kb)


Kevlar Fuel Cell Reinforcement
(addendum #111405)

click here to download pdf (561 kb)


Wing Plans
(addendum #061505)
This affects kits delivered prior to June 16, 2005.

The inboard hinge is shown reversed. The leg of the hinge that supports the aileron should be outboard of the wing mounted leg.

The Fix

Align the aileron with the wing based on the center hinge location. Trim both ends of the aileron as necessary to fit adjacent to the flap and flush with the tip rib. A disc or belt sander is handy to trim the aileron ends.

IMPORTANT: The 3/16" spacer blocks as shown on page 27 are essential for proper alignment.

Aileron & Elevator trim,
Hard Landing check and Thrust Limitations
(addendum #033005)
click here to download pdf (8 kb)


CG location, final rigging and pre-flight
(addendum #032205)
click here to download pdf (72 kb)
click here to download drawing for addendum #032205



Fuel Pump Mount Location
(page 10, Gearing Up Manual - updated 2/18/05)
click here to download new page 10

These addendums are for kits shipped prior to 12/27/04 only.

Main Gear Flex Plate modification
(page 11 - updated 12/27/04)
click here to download new page 11


Fowler Flap Mechanism
Transfer Assembly dimension - reference plans
Instruction manual changed - 12/27/04 - page 32
click here to download new page 32


Inlet Installation
Instruction manual updated 12/27/04 - page 48
click here to download new page 48


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