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ARF Excellence from BVM

#2 scheme

 It’s big, it’s lightly loaded, it’s 95% built, it’s painted and it’s low speed capability allows safe approaches and landings.
And, because it is so “easy on the eyes,” it’s high speed jet-like performance is less challenging.
The KingCat allows a lot of new pilots who prefer larger models to ease into the exciting world of turbojet flying.

The first prototype was demonstrated in 2003 and since that time, there are hundreds of KingCat's flying around the world. With the easy of transport, stable flight characteristics and grass field capability, there's no wonder why many jet pilots own a KingCat as part of there fleet.
For the aerobatic flyers, the KingCat can perform just about any maneuver from the IMAC schedule. For the newbie, it offers very positive slow flight stability such that "learning to fly a jet" will be very easy indeed. Short take-off's and landings, allows jet operation from most R/C club fields.

The KingCat's large fuel capacity affords 15 minute flights. The externally mounted engine contributes to the simplicity of operation.
All new tooling and fixturing, combined with improved painting techniques and very diligent quality control measures allows us to offer you a better product.
Professional ARF assembler Barry West who has lots of KingCat experience has this to say about the '07 versions. "I have delivered 17 turnkey KingCat's since 2003 and can testify to the many improvements in these 2007 ARF kits. The paint is definitely better and the wing/boom/fuse fits are much more consistent. It is surely an improved product and a great value."

Indigenous to high altitude
and short field operations

These same light wing loading and high power loading features allow the KingCat to operate at high density altitudes and from more confined grass field model flying sites with less challenge to the pilot.
The huge flaps produce a rapid lift off when set to about 15° deflection. At 40°, they allow you to drag the KingCat around the landing pattern at 40 to 45 mph and drop it in the landing zone with accuracy using the throttle as your primary altitude control.


Wingspan: 80"
Length: 94"
Weight: 26 lbs
Wing Area: 1600 in²
Wing Loading: 37oz./ft²
Thrust Class: 19 - 35lbs
Speed Range: 35-200mph
Flight Time: 14 minutes

All composite structure
All controls flex hinged
Painted in the molds - multiple schemes
Huge landing flaps - super slow landings
One large canopy hatch for easy access
Convenient transport - comes apart easily
Landing Gear - all new heavy duty
Designed for grass fields
Large fuel capacity located close to C.G.
Gyro not required
Clear Canopy & Molded Cockpit

Pylons with Bomb Drop
Nose Gear Pocket Cover

KingCat Servo and extension list: click here to download


Color Schemes:
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This "Fly Navy" scheme is available now for both the BobCat and KingCat.

It has all of the Hi-Viz qualities to make it easy to see against any sky, and an attractive military theme.


Stronger undercarriage

Since BVM services what we manufacture and sell, we are able to evaluate how our products perform in-the-field, and then improve them.

NEW Improved KingCat main retracts

The complete set of KingCat gear feature heat treated, precision ground steel inner struts with the outer steel sleeves honed for a perfect fit. Machined aluminum sleeves add detail to the outer sleeves. The nose yoke is cast steel. Each strut is sprung for proper shock absorption and grass field tested.
BVM jet wheels and brakes are standard utilizing 3-1/2" diameter on the mains and 3-1/4" on the nose.
The "Oilite" bushed wheels are retained to the precision ground axles with simple "E" clips.
The KingCat main retract units feature stronger side frames. The purple arrows above indicate areas of improvement compared to the original units.

Our retracts, Duro-Struts, wheels & brakes are all designed to endure less than ideal runway conditions and the occasional bad landing. The KingCat's Carbon Fiber flex plates (nose and mains) retain the gear to the fuselage structure and are designed to break and save the airframe in the event of a very rough landing. If you have some spare flex plates in your toolbox, you can be airborne again within a short time and not have to worry about gluing any wood structure back in the model.

K6800 KingCat - plain white $3,195.00
  includes - airframe with hardware, instructions, flex hinged control surfaces, and radio component installation mountings for servos, receiver, batteries, etc.  
K6800 KingCat - sport scheme (#1,5,6, and 7) $3,595.00
  includes - airframe with hardware, instructions, flex hinged control surfaces, and radio component installation mountings for servos, receiver, batteries, etc.  
K6800 KingCat scheme 9 $3,695.00
  includes - airframe with hardware, instructions, flex hinged control surfaces, and radio component installation mountings for servos, receiver, batteries, etc.  
Landing Gear  
K6800-10 Kingcat Landing Gear System $1,350.00
  includes - (3) retract units, struts, wheels/brakes, air selector valve, T-fittings, air tubing, air storage tanks, “Smooth Stop II” brake valve, and hardware for mounting.  
Fuel System  
K6800-30 Kingcat Fuel Cells $395.00
  includes - 2 Kevlar tanks and hardware (assembly with Aeropoxy required), (1) Sullivan BT 16oz tank with BVM Aluminum Cap system, (1) U.A.T., T-Fittings, overflow fitting and fuel tubing. Capacity = 4.8 Liters  

The Package Price - $4,940.00 - $5,440.00
NOTE: Price based on pneumatic landing gear.

2250 MINI AIR GAUGES (pair) $47.95
V-MGAPilot MGA Full Body Jet Pilot $95.00
K6800-50 KingCat CLEAR CANOPY and COCKPIT DECK $105.00
6837 KingCat PYLONS and hardware (includes pylons, EZ-DROP’s, air valves - complete) $159.95
690 KingCat JET CASE (outer wing panels use original packaging) $629.00
9565 AEROPOXY GLUE KIT (includes glue gun, 2 glue catridges, 2 long nozzles and 2 short nozzles) $87.95

Bob Violett Models Inc.  3481 State Road 419  Winter Springs, Florida 32708 USA  tel 407-327-6333 fax 407-327-5020  www.bvmjets.com


Photo Gallery

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BV with 1st prototype.


JetCat P-160 for power

JetCat shown with smoke system.

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