Wing Tanks and mounting parts
with detailed instructions

For available colors see:  Ultra Bandit paint schemes

#K6800-40  $585.00

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KingCat Clear Canopy & Cockpit Deck

The KingCat clear canopy and cockpit deck really adds to the overall look of your KingCat. An extensive photo instruction package allows quick assembly of the vacuum formed parts.

KingCat Clear Canopy and Deck, Part #K6800-50, $105.00           
MGA Full length jet pilot , Part #V-MGA Pilot, $85.00           

Mini Air Gauges
(for retract/brake tank pressure readings, etc.)

These dime size, high quality gauges serve as a quick check of the integrity of your model's air systems. The dial registers up to 150 psi in 10lb increments.
A laser cut 1/8" plywood board serves as a convenient way to mount them by hand threading the boss into accurately cut holes. Factory installed barbed brass nipples will hold the air line very securely to the back side of the gauges.
A package of 2 gauges also contains 2 "T" fittings and the mounting plate.
BVM #2250Price: $47.95           

KingCat Nose Gear Pocket Cover

When flying off wet grass or a puddled runway, the nose wheel can spray water up into the wheel well. Since there are electrical components in that area of the fuselage, there is a chance that they could be affected. This plastic cover box can be installed to prevent a problem from occurring.

KingCat Nose Gear Cover , Part #6825, $34.50

KingCat Molded Pylon and Bomb kit

We now offer a quick-to-assemble (no paint required) pair of pylons for the KingCat.

It is quite possible to adapt to other models as well. See drawing below for wing bottom curvature.

Complete KingCat pylon package
(includes EZ-DROPs, air valves w/laser cut servo mount, pylons with all hardware).

Part # BVM Bombs & Accessories  
BVM 6840 BVM Bombs (pair)
BVM 6837 KingCat Pylons (pair)
complete with EZ-DROP's, air install and hardware


Pitot Tube Mount

Suitable for JetCat Airspeed Sensor

  This urethane resin molded airspeed Pitot Tube Mount can be used with JetCat (or similar) AirSpeed Sensors. Contour the airfoiled end to fit your fuselage such that the Pitot Tube is pointed to the front of the model and close to parallel to the longitudinal axis.
  For accuracy, it is necessary that the Pitot Tube is at least 1/2" away from fuselage skin to not be affected by boundary layer flow.
  The plywood plate and screws allow attaching it to the fuselage skin. The fairing can be primed and painted to suit your needs.


BVM Pitot Tube Mount, Part #6827, $31.95

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