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Scale:  1:5.8
length:  68"
wingspan: 68"
speed range: 35-180 mph

MiG-15 ARF
For: EVF 12S or 14 - 21# Turbine
All New Tooling, All Composite, All Painted-in-the-mold,
All Made in the USA

   A generous wing area, a stretched tail moment and an unmatched wide-stance landing gear make the MiG-15 a very desirable jet fighter for scale modeling.  And now, this BVM ARF is quick to assemble with every detail attended to in the parts provided and assembly manual.
eMiG-15 ARF Video
Easy To See And Land

  From any view it is obvious, the MiG is easy to identify in the air because of its high tail and swept outline, and, its positive wide ground stance allows short field take-offs and crosswind landings.  It's a perfect scale jet subject for EVF and small turbine power.

Superior Composite Structures

   The MiG-15 airframe is entirely painted-in-the-mold and then hand laminated with just the right amount of fiberglass, Kevlar, and Carbon Fiber in just the right places.  You get the lightest, strongest airframe possible and it's all accomplished in our Florida, USA factory. 

    We even fill, sand, and paint the seams on the top side of the fuse and fin.  This is a very special ARF worthy of the Bob Violett "Signature Series" designation.

Wing and Tails Factory Mounted

   After demolding, the formers and tubes that mount the wings and tails are installed into the fuselage at BVM using precise fixtures and Aeropoxy.  These are the neatest and strongest glue joints you will ever see in an ARF.

Under Carriage - Grass Field Proven


Down & Locked Gear Driver with Xicoy Adaptor


For Turbine Power

   Turbine powered models require a full braking system and these BVM main wheels and brakes get the job done.  The Oleo struts are CNC machined from 7075 Aluminum for maximum strength and the spring knee action gently compresses on landing.  Great for sport or competition flying.

Electric Retracts

The MiG-15 is now "All Electric". Small servos operate the doors. The BVM "E-Brake V2" completes the installation.

Wing Details
click on images to enlarge

   The scale swept wing fences that are so much a part of the MiG-15 are factory installed and painted.    The wing flaps internal skin detail is cleverly assembled in the mold and skin hinged for your convenience.    The Ailerons and Elevators are also skin hinged, reducing your chores for servo and linkage installation.

   Full landing gear and wheel well doors are especially important for electric jets to save battery energy.  The BVM MiG-15 features painted molded doors with all the hardware and details of installation attended to.


MiG-15 ARF

Servo Driven Speed Brake Kit
For EVF or Turbine powered MiG-15 ARF

# K7600-37   $225.00

In keeping with BVM's trend towards more electric powered accessories, we now offer this option for our MiG-15 ARF.  The Speed Boards themselves are painted "BVM Aluminum" in-the-mold and layed-up with multiple layers of Carbon Fiber, glass cloth, and epoxy resin.

BVM Carbon Fiber Off-Set Hinges, laser cut formers, and many small bits of hardware items complete the parts package.

Extremely detailed and color photo enhanced instructions describe every detail of adapting Speed Brakes to a new or finished MiG-15.


Power Option Support
The BVM MiG-15 can be converted from EVF to turbine power or vice versa.

20# Thrust

14-22 Lbs.
Thrust Engine

  The e MiG's inlet and thrust tube ducting are designed specifically to optimize the performance of the EVF 12S power unit.

   Correct inlet ducting, engine ByPass, and a double wall S.S. Tailpipe allow efficient, cool running turbine power.

  Current and future battery capacity and super easy access to them are bonus points for the application of EVF power.    Kevlar fuel cells are utilized to hold 2.8 liters of fuel giving you over 10 minutes of flight time.  The MiG's fuel system comes complete with the Kevlar cells, all necessary hardware and U.A.T.

Cockpit Kit

   BVM supplies all of the resin and vacuum molded parts and instrument panel film.  And, we made a detailed photo enhanced assembly manual.  You add some Model Master Paint and enjoy putting it together.  It's like assembling a plastic model kit and the results are worth the few hours of hobby time.

Color Schemes

"Parade" Demo Polish Camo
U.S. Civilian Restored

Plain Aluminum also available

This scheme is a sample of what can be accomplished with the All Aluminum MiG.  Contact ProMark for the numbers and stars.
Phone (618) 742-6430

Wing Tanks and Pylons
BVM # 7544  Price $285.00

Mike Grady's "Early Parade" scheme MiG with Wing Tanks


   Whether your MiG is scale or for fun, wing tanks always add to the overall look and visibility of a model. These tanks come complete with all materials necessary, including wood for the pylons and tank fins. The wing tanks are fiberglass and come as one piece from the factory.  They require assembly and painting. The "Hard Points" are built into the wings at BVM.


A Scale Jet That Can Travel

Plug-in wings, stabs and fin provide easy transport, especially if you have a BVM Jet Case. The fiberglass molded case is UPS legal and can travel as extra baggage with you on an Airline.

Jet-Foam Cradle

see BVMJets.com/Electric Power
for batteries, chargers, etc.

MiG-15 ARF
Airframe Directive (A.D.)
And other helpful notes

Inlet Prep

MiG-15 EVF Manual updated pages 19 to 25.

Addendum #081414

Nose Gear Doors

Addendum #iK7600A-52

Nose Strut Length Adjustment
manual page 14

Addendum #091611

Elevator/Stab Procedures
manual pages 26-27

Addendum #091611

Cockpit Details

Caution:  Be careful to not allow the process of gluing in the clear plastic into the F/G frame to distort the fit of the F/G hatch to the fuse.  Check this fit frequently during this process.

Retract Control Valve and Servo Mount

Addendum #082611


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