Safety Brief
Safety Reminders
March 2007

CO² Fire Extinguisher - Do not start a model turbine engine without having one within arm's reach. If a fire occurs, aim the fire extinguisher nozzle at the inlet of the model (or engine if not ducted) and dispense until the flames are extinguished.

Engine Failsafe - Set according to engine and radio instruction manuals. The AMA rules for operating turbines call for automatic shutdown if "lost link" occurs for 2 seconds. Once set, the JetCat Ground Service Unit will be displaying an "F" on the start-up screen if you turn the transmitter off. If the engine is running during this test, electrical power to the fuel pump will be interrupted and the engine will shut down.

Flight Control Problem - at the first sign of any flight control problem, the pilot must immediately command the appropriate switch, dial, lever on the transmitter to shut down the engine.

Discussion - Because the equipment we have available today is so reliable, it is easy to get complacent about certain safety procedures. It is important, however, to review all of our AMA/JPO safety regulations and guidelines so that the 2007 jet flying season can be safe and accident free.

Thorough knowledge of and responsible operation of this high tech, high performance equipment is required.