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KingTech G series, a true Fuel Start turbine, will start and run on Diesel, Kerosene, and JetA. G series have both solenoid valves built into the front cover, with a single fuel feed that eliminates at least 8 fuel connections upstream to the turbine, making a clean engine install a very simple task.


Diameter: 95.25mm (3-3/4")
Length: 254mm (10") - including starter
Weight: 1304g (2 lb 14 oz) - including starter
Maximum RPM: 145000
Thrust: 8618 g @ 21.1 C (19 lb @ 70 F)
Idle: 45000 rpm
Exhaust temperature: 650 C ( 1202 F ) max
Fuel Consumption: 239 g / min (8.46 oz / min)
Fuel: Diesel, Jet A1, Kerosene
Lubrication: 5%, 3 to 5% for Diesel
Maintenance cycle: 25 hr

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BVM # K-80G

KingTech Manual (PDF  795 KB)

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