This last weekend we did a bandit day at my club... there was 7 flying at de same time!! Five of then I assembled. The day was a lot of fun for me and my friends!!

The name of the pilots of the bandit day are:
Antonio S. Santos
Cid Porto
Gerd Schreen
Licurgo Souza Filho
Luciano Julião
Diogo Vale
Celso De Santi
Alexandre Sanchez


All the best,

Celso De Santi




Dear Heather

I am writing from Almere, The Netherlands in Europe. My Friend Donald has restored an older Super bandit to flying state. We did some ground testing yesterday and the bandit is ready to go. Owner/pilot is Donald van Tongeren from Landsmeer, Netherlands.

Thanks and best regards
Hans Hochgemuth



From: Ricardo Baptista
Sent: Sunday, April 23, 2017 7:20 PM
To: Patty Generali
Subject: Quality never goes out of style !

Hi Patty, 
Year in and year out Bandit´s are still the best planes around! ;-) Here is a couple of Super Bandits that I just finished. I build/paint and maiden fly here in Itú, São Paulo, Brazil. Both airplanes are guided by Futaba´s FAAStest 18 channel and powered by a Jet Cat P-100 and a King tech K-100, IMHO this is a killer combo! 

Very good flight envelope, performance, and autonomy. 

Thanks again for the support along the years. 

Ricardo V. Baptista Filho 
São Paulo, Brasil


From: Jacobo Sevilla
Sent: Sunday, January 31, 2016 11:24 AM
To: Patty Generali
Subject: Super Sunday

Dear Patty,

I hope to find you well, as your family too. I am getting ready for FJ and I will be very happy to see you all my friends. Please show this picture to Bob, and see if he can recognize the Bandit in the picture. I am enjoying it for more than 12 years now and it is still like the first day.

My regards to the family and have a nice weekend.

All the best,



From: Chris Hammond
Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2015 5:36 PM
To: Heather
Subject: Super Bandit Pic

Hi Heather,
Just wanted to drop you fine folks at BVM a note and picture of my recently flown Super Bandit.  I got in the first 10 flights this past weekend.
This jet was built by Jeremy in Abbotsford, BC, Canada.  He flew it a few times and then I was lucky enough to buy it from him.  The original paint scheme was awesome (black with air brushed skulls and stuff - like a fancy Harley paint job)  but too hard to see so I had him re-paint in this Hi-Viz Canada scheme.  It sat for a few years while I took some time away form the hobby but it is a hanger queen no more ;)
Of course the SB is a dream to fly, as good or better than any pattern plane I have flown. Its my first BVM and certainly won't be my last!
Chris Hammond.

From: David Soufer
Sent: Thursday, April 02, 2015 11:52 AM
To: Patty Generali
Subject: New Super Bandit

Hello Patty,

Please see attached my latest addition to my Bandit Fleet..  The Super Bandit.  This jet was bought built and painted and was given to Ronny Derhacopian for final install and assembly.  It is equipped with a Jets Munt M140X turbine, all HV JR servos, Jeti CB200, Jeti Mbar (air pressure monitor) and of course a Bavarian Demon Cortex gyro.  

I maiden this jet last week which needed two clicks of up elevator and it was flying flawlessly.  I know how old this jet is and I’m so grateful to you and the staff at BVM to help me with the parts and accessories I needed to complete this jet.  Having such inventory of parts for older models which have gone through two generations has such value which makes BVM #1 in this industry.

Appreciate all you help
David Soufer


From: De Lima Ribeiro, Flavio
Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2012 12:48 PM
To: Patty; Heather (BVMJets)
Subject: FW: Photos from Bomber Field Jets

Hi Patty and  Heather…

Here are some more pictures of my Bandit.

Best Regards


From: Jamie Cuff
To: Patty Violett
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2012 6:47 PM
Subject: My Classic Bandit

Hi Patty,
I thought I would send you a few pictures of my Classic Bandit which I have been flying since June. It is powered by a Jetcat 100RX and is guided by JR XG11. It was originally brought into the UK by Rob Howarth in 1998 and was flown for several years before it was bought by Steve Elias, Steve completely rebuilt the model and finished it in this stunning colour scheme.
 Steve really did put a considerable amount of time and effort into finishing this model, the fit of the hatches, gear doors and the wing and tailplane mating surfaces is perfect! The equipment installation is also first class and the paint finish is exceptional! Steve originally fitted a Jetcat 160SX which gave it a stunning performance! This was removed before it was sold to me in April. His colour scheme really does suit the lines of the Bandit and it shows up very well in flight.
I test flew it at RNAS Merryfield on the Saturday of the Queens Jubilee weekend in June, all three flights were without fault and only rain stopped further flights. I have flown it successfully many times since and I am very pleased it! It performs every bit as good as it looks! I have another Classic Bandit which I shall be renovating and I am hoping to have this ready for next year.
                     Jamie Cuff


From: Jamie Cuff
To: Patty Violett
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2012 7:35 PM
Subject: JMA Long Marston

Hi Patty,
Over the weekend of October 6 & 7, the Jet Modellers Association held its final jet meet of the year at the former Royal Air Force base of Long Marston near Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire. We had superb weather for both days and there was alot of kero burned! along with a few amps! Ali Machinchy was in attendance flying his BVM Sabre with the 12s EVF-3 set up. He flew it on numerous occasions and the performance was impressive! the Blue Impulse scheme is definitely one of the best for the Sabre.
As well as the EVF Sabre there were a number of other BVM models in attendance, Jason Fletcher brought his Merlin 100 powered Bobcat and Merlin 140 powered Super Bandit, Pat Barnes was flying his Jetcat 100RX powered Bandit ARF, Geoff White was flying his AMT Pegasus powered Super Bandit and I had several flights with my Jetcat 100RX powered Classic Bandit and Bobcat with a P80SE. Geoff White and Jason Fletcher could not agree on which one of their Bandits was the fastest so they agreed to disagree! . . .  Steve Elias was flying his awesome Ultra Bandit with AMT Olympus power . . . that model really does thunder!
                          Jamie Cuff

April 2012

Ernie Duarte got some help from Harley Condra and Dustin to check out and test fly his Classic Bandit at the
Sanford Aeromodelers field.

From: Roger Perrett
To: 'Patty Generali'
Sent: Friday, January 06, 2012 1:46 AM
Subject: My Super Bandit


I Thought it was about time I sent you some photos of my finished Super Bandit. I now have some great flying and still shots of this model, some of which I have attached.. This is my second Bandit, and was an absolute pleasure to build and finish. The paint scheme is my own design, with a patriotic black and silver underside, and a bit of simple  airbrush work on the top. This makes it stand out a little from all the ARFs.  

It is powered with a Jets Munt Merlin  140 engine which provides plenty of push and is fitted with a speed limiter using a pitot connected through the Merlin  ECU.  The missiles are from Details4scale and just add a touch of realism to the shape.

In the air this model handles very similarly to my old Balsa Bandit, but with a lot more punch.  It is extremely precise in roll and pitch, and carries a lot of energy through all manoeuvres.

I know it has been said many times, but  Bandits are superb sport jets.

My thanks to you and BVM for all the assistance getting this project completed..  Now to complete the F-100!!

Kind regards     

Roger Perrett
Sydney Australia


Celso DeSanti from Brazil produced a beautifully finished Super Bandit.

From: Ricardo Baptista
To: Patty Generali
Sent: Sunday, June 05, 2011 2:13 PM
Subject: Bandits from Brazil

Hello Patty,
Here´s some photos of two Bandits that we are flying here in Itú, São Paulo, Brazil.
Both airplanes was painted by Alexandre Sanches from FineArt Studios in Itú 
The red and black one is a Super Balsa Bandit powered by a Jet Cat 120SX @ 125K RPMs and guided by a Futaba MZ14
The red and yellow one is a Composite Super Bandit powered by a Jet Cat 160SX @ 125K RPMs and guided by a JR 12x
Needless to say those airplanes are fast and some times i don´t know if they are flying or running on tracks!
In few words, this is THE best r/c jet ever! No doubt about it!
Ricardo V. Baptista Filho
São Paulo, Brasil

Sent: Saturday, February 26, 2011 9:59 PM
Subject: RE: Super Bandit Photo

Hello Patty,

This is my Super Bandit.  The best of BVM Jets!

Luiz Fernando F. Pires


From: Jose Alfonso Salido P
To: 'Patty Generali'
Sent: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 11:07 AM

  I am attaching some photos I took at this weekend event (Cool Jets) at Culiacan Sinaloa of the maiden flight of my friends Javier Ulloa Super Bandit! His jet has a Jet Central Cheetah and it flies awesome! FAST is not enough!!

Jose Salido


From: Roger Perrett
To: Patty
Sent: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 2:09 AM
Subject: Parts order
Hi Patty,
For bragging reasons only, here is a couple of nice in-flight pics of my Classic Balsa Bandit.. Three years flying now!!! 

Thanks again.  

Roger Perrett

(Sydney Australia)

From: Ary Figueira
To: Patty
Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2009 2:25 PM
Subject: Bandits in Argentina 2009
Hi Patty,  
 Ary Figueira, Antônio Pádua, Celso De Santi and Guerreiro, representatives of Brazil during Encounter Of Jets in Argentina ( Oct./12/2009), all flying BVM. 
Ary Figueira

Ralf Dvorak (Brebersdorf, Germany) modified an early Super Balsa Bandit for electric power.  Besides the testimony of these photos, other modelers have commented on Ralf's superb craftsmanship.  His next model is an Electra.

From: Juan Colon
To: Patty
Sent: Friday, April 24, 2009 12:13 AM
Subject: BVM Bandit

Hello Patty,
Just wanted to send you a picture of my Bandit. This is my first jet and I can't believe how easy it is to fly. It is incredibly stable and very predictable.  I have a Jet Cat P70 powering it and all JR equipment. I have over 30 Flights in it and still going strong. Thanks again for everything.


Sent: Monday, March 09, 2009 9:25 AM
To: Heather
Subject: Super Balsa Bandit maiden

Heather, just wanted to share some photos with you of my "Corona" Bandit.  I have waited many years to be able to purchase a BV Bandit, and I have to say the wait was worth it!  This thing flies exactly how everyone said it would-AMAZING!  Cant wait to put my wing tanks on now!  Thanks BV for a great jet!

I hope to have in flight shots very soon,
Nick Robinson
Travis AFB, CA


This is Daniel Hemming's Classic Bandit as seen at Super Jet South Oct.'08.  It's a good thing that the paint scheme is Hi-Viz because it is powered with a JetCat P-120.


This Super Bandit is an example of exemplary craftsmanship and artful paint work.  First seen at Winimac '08 with its JetCat P-120 SE powerhouse, it seemed ballistic, so, Francis added the JetCat speed limiting system.

It's a nice mix of art on the top and Hi-Viz on the bottom.  The all composite kit is a favorite of the high performance enthusiasts.

From: Tom Telesca
Subject: New Super Bandit
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2008 18:43:53 -0400

Attached are some pictures of my new Super Bandit, Bandit Arf and my Arf Bobcat.  The Bobcat has 191 flights the Bandit ARF has 47 flights and the Super Bandit will have its first flight next weekend.

These are the best and most reliable jets I have had the opportunity to fly

Thanks for all the hard work
Tom Telesca

This  South Florida group of jet pilots like their Bandit Arfs.

From left to right, Rich Chase, Rich Holt, Robert Rich, and Robert Lynch.


Joe Balabon photo

The Hooters Bandit at Desert Storm '08, a striking paint scheme, is the work of Jim Edie.




Steve Predeaux of England finished his Super Bandit in this colorful paint scheme and was assisted by BVM Rep Nick Smith throughout the build and test flights.

Here are Nick's comments "The install is excellent and the paint scheme (which is his own work) is first class. It is powered with a JetCat P120, and uses JR servo's with Futaba guidance. Steve and I took a trip to our club field (Wroughton) last week, where, after I had checked the model over, Steve flew the first 'test' flight. (Steve is a very accomplished Jet flyer) - all went per the "text book" and Steve put another flight in on the model that day. He is now looking forward to many more in the future. Another BVM jet success! Well done to Steve, top job!"


David Schwantz of Burnsville, MN is an experienced builder and his Bandit is a prime example. The bright metallic paint and clean "racy" lines show up well. David is enjoying the new 600' paved runway at his local Tri-Valley R/C Club (Minneapolis, MN).

502 Flights and counting!

Francis Pischner of Naples, Florida has now logged over 502 flights on his original composite Bandit powered by the AMT USA AT-180. The colorful scheme was applied by Vern & Larry Kramer (also from Naples).

Jim Edie of Colorado Springs, Colorado is obviously a big fan of the popular "Hooters" restaurant and decor. His Super Bandit is finished in Hooters colors and is equipped with wing tanks and both standard and swept fins. Jim also thanks BVM Rep, Harley Condra for his generous time and knowledge during the building of his first turbine jet. He enjoys building and flying his Super so much that he's building another one.

Zenon Pierides (center) with the help of friends (left) Vakis Yangou and (right) George Mouzouris finished this Super Bandit to duplicate the BVM factory demo model - nice job!

Zenon is part of a group of jet fliers that are very active in Cyprus.

Jacobo Sevilla is the proud owner of this Super Bandit that was built by Bob Beaudette. Bob finished the model in the Fernandez Racing team colors that competes in the Formula 1 / C.A.R.T. series. The tan Camo Bandit shown next to Jacobo's latest Super is the tried and true BVM factory demo model that is still logging many flights.

Geoff White of Oxon, England built and finished his latest Super Bandit, complete with the stainless exhaust nozzle, wing tanks and both the swept and straight fins. An AMT Netherlands Pegasus HP is installed and Geoff noted that the performance is incredible!

Ricardo Gomez hails from Caracus, Venezuela and finished his balsa Bandit with underwing tanks and a colorful orange, white and blue paint scheme.

Scott Marr of Dallas, Texas outfitted his Super Bandit with functional lighted wing tanks. White L.E.D.'s shine out the front while red L.E.D.'s glow on the backside of the tanks.

BVM Rep Harley Condra from San Diego, California debuted' his Super balsa Bandit with several high performance flights using "JetCat" for power. We like the paint scheme.

Jon Payne of Calabasas, California is the proud owner of this Super Bandit. Joe Grice did the excellent build and finish work complete with rivets and panel lines, presto leading edges and Russian markings.
Jon chose an AMT Pegasus for power and is looking forward to logging many flights with his Super throughout 2004.

David Soufer is enjoying his bright red Super Bandit thanks to the work from Joe Grice (builder). David is powering his Super with a P-160 and is thrilled with the performance.

Jason Fletcher of Warks, England finished his Super Bandit in Ferrari red with yellow trim. He has been enjoying his "Super" at numerous events throughout 2003.

Lynda Carter poses with her husband David's new Super Bandit. David has been enjoying his "Super" with JetCat power and also recently test flew his "NAVY" KingCat as well.

Steve Unze of California shows us his new brilliantly finished straight fin Super Bandit.

Wroughton air field in the south of England is a great place to fly jets. We were there for the 3rd World Jet Masters in '97.
BVM is very proud of this strong representation of Bandit and Super Bandit flyers spearheaded by Nick Smith, Mark Woodland, Jonathan Smith, Geoff White and Will Gillam.
Jonathan commented that this is an average jet day at Wroughton.

Simon To of Hong Kong is shown on a landing pattern and touchdown. The Super Bandit was built by Steve Jaworski and is powered by a JetCat P-160 and has a Metal-Kote finish.

Justin Sands finished his Super Balsa Bandit in the famous Blue's scheme to match his BobCat XL. He is using a JetCat P-120 for power and is enjoying the exacting qualities found in flying the "Super". Point rolls and similar maneuvers are clean and crisp, says Justin. Superb craftsmanship is evident - look at the reflection in the left wing.

Sal Faraj of Brooklyn, New York finished his Super Bandit (composite) with ProMark graphics. Sal is using a JetCat P-120 for power.

Jacobo Sevilla of Culican, Mexico purchased the BVM factory demo Bandit (composite). This model is still going strong and Jacobo has added a smoke system for more spectacular flights.

Eric Meyers of Greenville, South Carolina exercises his Bandit quite frequently. This all composite frame looks good in Vietnam era camo.

They finally let me off work long enough to test fly this thing. A little different paint job, but pretty cool - Terry Nitsch.

Nick Smith of England sent us these takeoff and landing shots of his Bandit using a JetCat P-120 for power. Nick thoroughly enjoys the all out performance he gets with this combination.

Mitch Weiss from Heathrow, Fl just finished his RAM 500 powered balsa Bandit. The intensely graphic paint scheme was accomplished with computer generated vinyl paint masks and decals. The "Huntress" graphic on the side of the fuselage was actually printed off the computer onto a decal film, applied and then clear coated.

Harry Reitprecht from Austria finished his turbine balsa Bandit in May of 2000. He says that he is very happy that his Bandit is capable of flying off of there local field with a runway of 80 meters in length and with the speed the Bandit reaches he can still perform any aerobatics that he desires. Harry also mentions that the balsa Bandit draws much of the attention at many of the airshows in Austria.

Ad Clark sent us a nice letter with this photo. He recently attended the 7th Annual Hi-Planes Jet Fly at Deer Lodge Montana on August 12-13th. His Bandit was awarded the Pilots Choice, Best Turbine Sport Jet and People's Choice awards! Way to go Ad!
Ad makes special note that his Bandit was flying with 1-1/2 pounds of smoke system and smoke fluid on board, at an altitude of 4,600' and temps in the 85-90° range. His Bandit handled the conditions without any problems whatsoever! Ad's Bandit is equipped with a JR radio and finished with PPG Concept paint.

Kelly Rhorbach poses with his turbine Bandit after winning the pilots choice award at the Lilac City Jet Rally in July 2000. Kelly uses a JR radio and RAM 750 for power. Kelly's Bandit has been flown for 2 years as a ducted fan and was recently converted to turbine. Ad Clark lended a helping hand when it came time to paint the areas necessary after the conversion.

Rod Snyder recently finished his new turbine Bandit. Rod is from Tennesse and has a few BVM jets. A RAM turbine supplys Rod's Bandit with plenty of power.

Here is a recent shot of 3 turbine Bandits (2 composite, 1 balsa) sitting in the pit area of the local flying field in Kalispell, Montana. From front to back is Ad Clark's Bandit, Harley Condra's balsa Bandit, and Kelly Rhorbach's Bandit. All 3 Bandits use RAM turbines for power and PPG Concept paint.

Here is Simon To with his Bandit and Ultra Viper. Simon is from Hong Kong and has quite an array of jets. His turbine Bandit features a military type of paint scheme with highly visible wing tip tanks.

A balsa Bandit with external fuel.
Rich Fong sent us some great photos of his balsa Bandit. He adapted the centerline fuel tank to carry fuel - he says he likes to do a lot of "cruising" in the California skys.
Rich refers to the paint design as his "Sport Camo" similar to the lizard F-5's used by Agressor squadrons. Rich uses a RAM 750F to power his new balsa Bandit. A product review on this model will be featured in RCJI soon.

We received a nice letter along with this photo from Jerry Kirwan and Ray Blair saying that "Both of these Bandits are powered by AMT AT-180's and both perform flawlessly. We are happy that these "Texas Jets" pilots are so pleased with BVM and AMT products - customer success is crucial to the companies involved.

Here is the Diniz Esteves Team after a few flights in Bededouro. From l-r is Robert Pouchain, Ana Esteves, Wladislau Pontes and Eduardo Esteves. Their turbine Bandit utilizes a RAM 750 for power and an Airtronics radio.

Roman and his Bandit on the Winimac R/C club's 800+ foot runway.
Roman Myrdacz had to be one of the luckiest pilots at Superman 1998, he was the winner of the composite Bandit kit raffled off by Jerry Caudle. A wedding and a new house worked its way between Roman and his Bandit but his determination never faltered. Today (6/4/00) Roman brought the Bandit to Winamac, Indiana. Roman is an airframe and powerplant technician for the Aion corperation. With two Gulfstream jets a Citation and a Lear Jet under his watchful eye Roman knows a good looking jet when he sees one. That's why he tried to give his bandit that corporate jet look. His Bandit is powered by an AMT 180 which started and ran flawlesly through Four beutiful flights. Roman said he couldn't believe how easy the Bandit went together, "I didn't have to engineer anything myself and everything fit perfectly". He can't wait to start another BVM kit. Great job Roman and I'll see you at the jet meets!

Tim Redelman.