Painting Fixtures

The ability to hold the model's various parts while you are spray painting them and then being able to store the parts for drying, requires a little planning.
In this case, we have a portable wooden table (on wheels) that we drilled 3/8" and 3/4" holes into the top. The holes bottom out into the wood frame below. Mount the parts on balsa sticks or dowels as appropriate, such that they are convenient to hold for painting, then insert the sticks into the table top for cure. We learned this trick from Sam Leonard.
This paint stand is very handy to work on a fuse in preparation for painting. The fuse can be rotated as required for easy application of the paint. You can leave it mounted for applying masking tape, multiple colors and even for the riveting process.
Unfortunately this stand is not commercially available unless you can talk Tom Robertson into making some more.