Electronic Components Upgrades and Changes

  Because of advances in technology and the separation of JR from Horizon / Spektrum, radio control components such as servos are being deleted from inventory and / or replaced.

  In all cases, the replacement products reflect improvements such as metal gears, high voltage capability, and stronger metal cases.

  It has been BVM's practice to list the appropriate servo for each control device in the printed instruction manuals for all BVM jets. The BVM Manuals will be updated as time allows, however, we recommend that you consult the Manufacture's Representative for the most recent information.

 Shown below is just one example of these changes.

Micro Servo

  The JR MC 35 Micro Servo that is used on some BVM "All Electric" installations to operate the gear doors, is no longer available.  The replacement for this product is the Spektrum A4030 High Voltage, High Torque Digital Aircraft Servo.

  It features metal gears, 83 oz-in of torque, fast transit speed and operation with up to 8.4 volts.

BVM # VJ-SPMSA4030  Price $ 39.99

 This is just a small sampling of the many changes in electronic components during the past few years.  All electronic products such as: Servos, Receivers, Voltage Regulators, Gyros, Engine Control Units, Airborne Batteries, etc. are constantly changing.

 First, Consult the individual products instruction manual, website, and/or a qualified manufacturer representative for additional information.




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