Toledo 2001

It's the only non-flying trade show that BVM attends annually.

BVM Jets did well in the Jet Category of the competition with Terry Nitsch's Rafale B-O1 claiming first place and Vern Kramer's Bandit capturing 3rd place and the coveted Best Finish Trophy. Thanks to Terry and Vern for making the effort. A very nice, scratch built Sea Vixen by Kerry Sterner was 2nd place.

The Toledo show offers us an opportunity to greet many jet modelers from that part of the country and to introduce new products to the modeling public and media.

The theme of the BVM display this year was the utility of the new RAM 500 engine in BVM airframes. We showed off the BobCat in its very brilliant sport paint scheme along with the Sabre jet conversion kit.

Many jet enthusiasts were interested to see that this new size engine will work great in the BVM F-16C, MiG-15, F-80, T-33 and balsa Bandit and that conversion packages for each of these jets are on the way.

The popularity of this size/power package may be enhanced even more as both AMT and SWB Turbines displayed prototypes of engines in this 11-13 pound thrust class.