Warp Free flying surfaces

Jets usually have thin wings, tails and control surfaces that can be warped during the finishing process unless certain procedures are adhered to. Forced drying during the cold weather season can exasperate the problem.

A few simple techniques

  • Make fixtures to hold surfaces such that they can be coated on both sides simultaneously.
  • Apply glass cloth and resin to the 2nd side of the surface as soon as first side is workable.
  • Do not apply heat to one side and not the other.
  • Apply 2nd coat of resin to both sides of glassed surfaces simultaneously.
  • Allow to cure in a warm room verses using heat lamps.

Epoxy vs. Polyester Resin

It has been our experience that epoxy finishing resins induce less stresses during cure that do polyester resins.
The BVM F-86 manual describes the techniques that we use to finish our wood covered surfaces.

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