Howdy Patty,
It’s been awhile. I was on my work computer the other day & noticed that BV & just lately that your mom “Pat” just past away… I’m so sorry to hear that. They were both great people & for a time my second parents. I dug up some old pics of some of my BVM jets over the years while with BVM that you may like to have.
The A-4 is what started it all off when I first met BV & you in Maryland & I was stationed at the Wash. Navy Yard. This was the back cover of “ Naval Aviation News” (Feb 1980) with the photo of the original “Last A-4” that I used for the markings. There is my F-80 & the US team at the “1st World Jet Masters”, Germany (1995). Next are my F-16, F-86 & Aggressor II (1996-98). My T-2C (T-33) & Kent Nogy (1992) Phoenix, AZ. My Aggressor I, Aggressor III (this jet had the ducted fan speed record of 250 mph at the “Jets over Puerto Rico” meet) & my Maverick. There are 3 of my Aggressor III’s (1996-1998). My Turbine Bandit with interchangeable straight & swept dorsal fin (1999-2001), also my 1st original turbine Bandit (Tamps Bay Air Show (1996). My original turbine Bandit (Tampa Bay Air show) & more pics of my A-4 (1986-1989). Last is my turbine T-33 at “Top Gun” (1997/8). On the F-16 & F-86 pictures, I did build (2) different F-86’s (1) FU 409 & (2) FU 423. These were the first original camo F-86’s in this color scheme. If you remember I always like to pick special unique color schemes for my model aircraft. If I remember right; my orange F-80C jet (BVM ducted fan) achieved 1st place honors at the AMA Nat’s, the Canadian Nat’s & the 1st World Jet masters championships.

Hope all is going with you & the BVM crew. Can’t believe that I’ve been working with MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks 23 years; time does seem to fly by (no pun intended). If any of the old BVM crew are still around please tell them "Hi" for me & I miss you all. Take care & God bless…


“Semper Fi” Ham
Garland Hamilton




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