My Fly Navy Bandit Evo is powered by a Swiwin 120, JR for control and a Cortex Pro Gyro. Flies great and predictable as expected. Kudos to BVM and staff for a great product. After 20 years of wanting a Bandit.. The dream has come true.


Ken Bryant
Surprise, AZ


Photos with Josh Clark, Addison Clark, Patrick Rohrbach and My plane.



"Thanks to Patty at BVM Jets and Rob. One of the best aircraft on the market!"

Sal Faraj
New York


Marshal Emmendorfer from New Lothrop, MI with his new Bandit evo.


From: Jordan Hall
Sent: Monday, August 9, 2021 8:07 AM
Subject: BVM baby

Hi Patty,

Wanted to share this picture with you of one of BVM’s youngest fans! Her name is Ricki.

Jordan and Larry Hall



From: Sakeb Faraj
Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2020 6:13 PM

Thank you for building such an awesome machine, it is the ultimate flying bandit. Thanks to the BVM team.


Marshal Emmendorfer with his Bandit evo.
His Bandit has a Spektrum 20 receiver, a King Tech 100 turbine, and a BVM smoke system.



George Kreyling from Arizona was able to get the first flights in on his new Go Fly Evo e Bandit. Plane is running 12s power, Savox servo package and Jeti for guidance.


A Very Successful Maiden Flight!

The Bandit Evo was delivered ready to fly from the factory minus receiver. After a few hours it was ready and BVM Rep Nick Smith commented that it felt very like his own Bandit ARF.

30 minutes later it was back in the air with its owner, David Ruskin. Who was delighted and felt it was the best Bandit he ever owned.

Thank you for a wonderful service in delivering this order to my customer, David. Much appreciated.

Best Wishes,

Jonathan Smith



Adam Goulding from Australia with his award winning Bandit EVO. Adam took home the
"Best Sport Jet" award at the Queensland Turbine Flyers Association Annual Fly In.









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