Andy Davis won the Sport Performance award with his GFG eBandit evo at the EDF Jet Jam event. Sean Gallagher assisted with spotting duties for fellow teammates and was the airboss for the 3-day event.



Hi Patty, Heather, Rob and BVM gang,

Recently obtained a Evo eBandit with 12s power system. It flies fantastic like always. Flying off grass runway in western North Carolina mountains.

Keep up the good work.

Ritchie Holt


Danny Serrato from California is all smiles with his eBandit EVO.
This eBandit EVO is powered by a 14S 9er EVF Fan Unit.


  Loving my E-Bandit EVO! It’s simple to set-up, flies great, and it’s easy to land at small fields. Another great package from BVM!

Dantley Davis
Morgan Hill, California



From: George Kreyling
Date: 11/14/19 5:05 PM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: 14s EVO eBandit

Hey Rob:

Just finished the first few flights on the 14s Viofan. Performance is now similar to the turbine version; the vertical is amazing. I am getting about 8 minutes flying time and using 5500 mAh out of 7700.

14s is the perfect power system for the EVO!

Thanks for all the support.




George Kreyling from Arizona was able to get the first flights in on his new Go Fly Evo e Bandit. Plane is running 12s power, Savox servo package and Jeti for guidance.









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