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"Best EDF Performance" award went to Dustin Buescher.
The Skymaster MiG-29 and L-39 wait for their turn along with the BVM Electra ARF and Sabre ARF.

As of early '09, you will see the Skymaster and BVM stuff in the same camp.  In total we can offer a very broad range of jet products.

Dan Avilla enjoyed his JetCat Titan powered Bandit ARF.  Dan was the first to get this paint scheme.
Paul Bageman logged many sorties with his F-100D, assisted by his son Edward who enjoyed some pilot-link time on the same bird.
Mark Taylor and Matt West were seen constantly at the flight line with both of their Electra's.  Pictured is Matt's, built from the kit version, with some impressive tail art.
Ron Long's Skymaster F-16 powered by a JetCat P-200 ready to be flown by Ali Machinchy.  It was quite a show.
Ken McSpadden showed us all how to "Cobra" the MiG-29.  This P-160SX powered jet could even tail slide.
Matt Caroll seamed to enjoy his "Smokin" Bobcat composite.  Matt installed the F-16 style center line tank to carry smoke fluid.
Nick Robinson learned why jet pilots everywhere rave about the BVM Bandit series of aircraft.  His P-120 powered Balsa Super Bandit looked and flew great.
Andrew Morris stunned us all with his low level aerobatics, this kid can fly.  His Bandit ARF is powered by a JetCat Titan.  A speed limiter is used to reserve the extra power only for the up lines.
John Vance's Ultra Bandit is powered by a JetCat P-200 and sits in the line-up for spectator viewing. 
David Searles enjoyed his first flights on his new F-100D.
Geraldo Diaz practiced his scale flying with his recently finished MiG-15.  It is powered by a JetCat P-120.
Dave Phillips logged many flights with his AFS Sabre 60".  The model is covered in flight metal and has many details.
Dan Avilla's "old" F-100D shows how long a well engineered and built aircraft can last.  This model has hundreds of flights and has won countless awards, and it still looks new.
Jason Somes posses with "The Gong"
Kent Nogy flew the BVM Demo Sabre ARF with the UTAH-ANG scheme.  Kent will be demonstrating this model at upcoming West Coast Jet and Electric events.