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Florida Jets '98
Best in the West '98
Mid-Atlantic Fan Fly '98
The Mile High Jet Rally
The Heart of Ohio Jet Scramble
Superman '98
Florida International Jet Rally '98


Florida Jets 2004
Top Gun 2004
Mississippi Afterburner 2004
Mid-Atlantic Jet Rally 2004
Jets Over the Heartland 2004
Green Mountain Jet Rally 2004
Bardstown Jet Rally 2004
Superman Jet Rally 2004
Triple Tree Jet Rally 2004

Florida International Jet Rally 2004


California Jets 2010
Florida Jets 2010
Top Gun 2010
First In Flight
Joe Nall 2010
Jets Over The Heartland 2010
Liberty Bell 2010
EJets International
Monster Planes 2010
Paradise Field
Great Flying - Great Camaraderie
Mako's RC Jet Club
Ocala E-Jets


Red Flag
Florida Jets
Top Gun
US Scale Masters Qualifier
First In Flight
Jets Over Kentucky
Illini Super Jets
Super Jets South
12 O'Clock High

Shreveport LA Jet Rally
Colonel Thacker Day 


Jets Over Deland '99
Florida Jets '99
Top Gun '99
Best in the West '99
Mississippi Afterburner Fan Fly '99
Jets Over The Heartland '99
Superman '99
Florida International Jet Rally '99
Arizona Jet Rally

World Jet Masters - in Austria


Florida Jets 2005
Top Gun 2005
Joe Nall Fly Inn 2005
Jets Over the Swamp 2005
Jets Over the Heartland 2005
Windy City Jets 2005
Liberty Bell Jet Rally 2005
World Jet Masters 2005
Super Jet South 2005
Triple Tree Jet Rally 2005

Florida International Jet Rally 2005
Pensacola Jet Rally 2005

RCACF Airshow 2005


Florida Jets 2011
California Jets 2011
Joe Nall 2011
Top Gun 2011
First In Flight
BVM Wins Scale Events
Great American Jet Rally 2011
Jets Over Kentucky
E-Jets International 2011
Best in the West 2011
Monster Planes 2011
Hamburg Jet Jamboree 2011
12 O'Clock High 2011
Markham Park 2011


Florida Jets
Top Gun
First In Flight
EDF Jet Jam 

Jets Over Kentucky 
Warbirds Over The Rockies
Super Jets South

12 O'Clock High


Jets Over Deland 2000
Florida Jets 2000
Toledo Trade Show
Top Gun 2000
Jets Over the Swamp 2000
Mid-Atlantic Jet Rally 2000
Jets over the Heartland 2000
Mississippi Afterburner Fan Fly 2000
Heart of Ohio Jet Rally 2000
Greater Southwest Fan Fly 2000
Superman 2000
Florida International Jet Rally 2000


Florida Jets 2006
Top Gun 2006
Joe Nall 2006

Jets Over the Heartland 2006
Liberty Bell Jet Rally 2006

Super-Man Jet Rally 2006
Jet Power (Germany) 2006

Florida International Jet Rally 2006



Florida Jets
Georgia Jets
Top Gun
First In Flight
Jets Over The Heartland
Jets Over Kentucky
EJets International 

RCACF Airshow 



NorCal Afterburner
Colonel Thacker
Florida Jets
Mississippi Afterburner
First In Flight
EDF Jet Jam
Jets Over Kentucky
Super Jets South
12 O'Clock High
Best In The West 


Jets over Deland 2001
Florida Jets 2001
Toledo Trade Show
Top Gun 2001
Mississippi Afterburner 2001
Mid Atlantic Jet Fly 2001
2001 AMA Nationals

Michigan Jets 2001
Heart of Ohio Jet Scramble 2001
T-38 Jet Rally at Reese Center
Superman 2001
Florida International Jet Rally 2001
Arizona Jet Rally

4th Annual World Jet Masters


Florida Jets 2007
Top Gun 2007
Joe Nall 2007
Big Apple Jet Rally 2007
Jets Over the Heartland 2007
World Jet Masters 2007
Liberty Bell  2007
Fresno Jets 2007  
Florida International Jet Rally 2007
Mesa Arizona 2007
Ocala Fly-In 2007
Iguana Cup 2007


Florida Jets 
Saturday at SAM's
First In Flight
Top Gun
First In Flight
Jets Over Kentucky
Hamburg Summer Afterburner
Illini Super Jets
Super Jets South

Hamburg Jet Jamboree 
Best In The West
Monster Planes / 12 O'Clock High 

Scale Masters 


Ilopango Air Show
Florida Jets
The Big THAW
EDF Jet Jam


Coachella Jet Jam 
E-Jet Fest
Illini Jets


Florida Jets 2002
Top Gun 2002
Dixie Jet Rally 2002

Mississippi Afterburner 2002
Jets Over the Swamp 2002
Mid-Atlantic Jet Rally 2002
Jets over the Heartland
Valencia Jet Blast
Heart of Ohio Jet Scramble 2002
T-38 Jet Rally
Superman 2002
Florida International Jet Rally 2002


Florida Jets 2008
Top Gun 2008
Mid Atlantic 2008
Jets Over San Luis 2008
Joe Nall 2008
Jets Over The Heartland 2008
Liberty Bell Jet Rally 2008
E-Jets Jet Rally 2008
Spiderman Jet Rally 2008
Hamburg Jet Rally 2008
Florida International Jet Rally 2008
Arizona Jet Rally2008
Ocala Jet Rally 2008


Florida Jets on "Paved Paradise"
Florida Jets 
Top Gun 
EDF Jet Jam 
Joe Nall
First In Flight
Illini Jets 
E-Jets International
Super Jets South
Best In The West
12 O'Clock High 
Jet Rally in the Valley
R.C.A.C.F. Airshow 



Tucson Jets
Flying Tigers
EDF Jet Jam


Tucson Jets
Jets Over Montana


Florida Jets 2003
Top Gun 2003
Mississippi Afterburner
Mid-Atlantic Jet Rally
Before the Heat 2003
Tennessee Jets 2003
Jets over the Heartland 2003
Liberty Bell Jet Rally 2003
Heart of Ohio Jet Scramble 2003
Superman 2003
Florida International Jet Rally 2003
Triple Tree Jet Fly-Inn 2003
Immokalee Jet Rally 2003


Florida Jets 2009
California Jets 2009
Joe Nall 2009
Top Gun 2009
Central Texas Jet Rally 2009
Jets Over The Heartland 2009
Liberty Bell 2009
E-Jets 2009
Fresno 2009
Cape Coral 2009
Super Jet South 2009
Hamburg Jet Jamboree 2009
Monster Planes 2009
Jets Under The Southern Cross


Florida Jets
Top Gun 

First In Flight 
Thunder Over The Valley
First In Flight
Illini Super Jets 

Best In The West
Colonel Day 



Boqueron Jet Rally
Tucson Jet Rally
Billings Fly-In
Jets Over Montana 



Bear Mountain Jets
Tucson Jet Rally
Magic City Jet Rally
Jets Over the Rockies
EDF Jet Jam



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