Heart of Ohio
Jet Scramble

The best yet

Darby Dan airport and the "TORKS" club of Columbus, Ohio hosted an extremely successful and entertaining event. Director Terry Nitsch applied the same kind of energy and quest for perfection towards organizing this show as he does in preparing his Top Gun winning scale jets.
The show center, horrendous "BANG" of the F-100F's afterburner during Sunday's fly-by airshow, was an experience we all appreciated and will certainly remember.
Thanks Big T for making the arrangements.

Ducted Fans are alive
and well in Ohio.

Rick Fusco made many successful flights with his BVM F-16 with Viojett/BVM .91 power. Small color bands and insignias are all you get on modern fighter paint schemes - great looking model Rick.

Len McIntosh truly enjoys these outings. This Maverick is just part of the experience.

Leo DeRosa is a very active member of the New York jet contingent. We are glad he made the trip again this year with his very attractively painted Maverick.

Two Mav's in NASCAR schemes are by Keith Horton and Anthony Wiencek, Aggressor ownership is unknown.

Dustin Beuscher's Aggressor III with its BVM .91 smoking at idle awaits clearance to take the runway for one of its many flights during the event. Watch for Dustin's new Sabre Jet soon.

Dave Bloomer assisted Larry Ross on many flights with an early BVM F-J Fury on Viojett/BVM.91 power. Dave flew his own gizillion flight Aggressor III another dozen or so flights.

Bob Janulus gets a lot of assistance from premier pilot Steve Pulley flying this BVM F-16 with Viojett power. The Swiss airshow paint scheme, though not scale on an F-16, shows well in flight. This model is now in its 3rd or 4th season.

BVM's all new F-86 Sabre is available for D.F. power. Every jet enthusiast knows how great Sabres fly. This new offering also builds fast and is designed to easily convert to turbine power. Click here for more info.

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