Elizabeth, Indiana

by George Kreyling

  The 2018 EDF Jet Jam was a great time! We enjoyed a world class flying field and awesome weather. CD Bob Belluomini had everything running like clockwork. BVM Jets were well represented and very impressive. We are already looking forward to next year!

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Ken LaPointe from Narragansett, RI brought a T-33 and a BVM Maverick. Both aircraft fly on EVF 12S fan units.
Chris True from Maryland brought a T-33 and Aggressor. Both run on EVF 12S fan units. The Electra has a great original paint scheme.

  Kevin Petrilla from Dublin, Ohio brought the Aggressor II with a EVF 10S fan unit. He did a great job converting it from glow to electric power.


  BVM Rep. Terry Nitsch brought his BVM Electra, MiG-15, and F-86. The finish on the Electra is absolutely beautiful and it is powered by an EVF 12S fan unit. The Noon-Time demo flight was with the F-86, it was very impressive.

  The Speed Brake installation on the MiG is another example of the craftsmanship seen on Terry's jets. The MiG has functioning drop tanks and is powered by an EVF 14s fan unit.

Mike Warren from Colorado brought his Maverick powered by an EVF 10S fan unit. The Bandit is a MKI ARF converted to EVF power.

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