Florida Jets

March 3-6, 2005

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The attendance was up from last year and so was the flying activity. Jet enthusiasts from 16 different countries enjoyed near perfect weather and flew over 900 flights. The sky and runway were crowded, but no mid-air or mid-ground collisions occurred. This can be attributed to the constantly improving pilot skills, the very competent and polite flight line crew under the direction of Mike Zubricki, and maybe, just a little good luck.
The BVM under-the-tent display and flight line activities were expanded this year and directed by marketing consultant Larry Meddock. Comments from many attendees were all positive about this expanded effort. It reaffirms our commitment to this format of product promotion. Nothing compares to actually seeing the product in action.
Eleven BVM reps were on hand for flight demonstrations and customer assistance.
"Pilot Link" time on BobCats and KingCats afforded 32 pilots the opportunity to experience jet flying for the first time.
We would like to thank Frank Tiano and his very experienced event organizing team for a successful Florida Jets '05.
Highlights for BVM were the awards given to our F-86F Skyblazer for its appearance and flying attributes. The all composite BobCat and our introduction of the Tamjets F-18F were also well accepted.

Expanded for '06

Due to the success of the '05 event, Frank Tiano has made arrangements to extend the event one more day next year. Wednesday, will now be a full day of flying. He thinks this extra air time will benefit those the distance travelers the most, and, help offset any affect that weather may pose.

Photo Gallery
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Californian, Addison Clark Jr and Ad Sr. from Montana participated with a BobCat XL and composite Bandit. Both are BVM reps.

Rick Broussard captured "Best Sport Jet" with this amazing KingCat. The dragon inspired airbrush paint scheme shows how one can personalize a KingCat.

Ray Blair of Houston, Texas brought the latest addition to his fleet - this beautifully built and detailed F-100F. Kirk Jensen built the model and installed an AMT-450 for power.


Craig Gottschang of the Georgia Jets group enjoyed his new single engine Rafale B-O1. He was very busy flying this and a few other BVM jets.


Jason Bauer is logging many flights on this seasoned F-80. Jason is from Orlando, Florida and is president of the R/C World Flyers club.


Hicks and Lanier Milner of Atlanta, Georgia really took advantage of the fabulous weather and kept their KingCat airborne constantly. A JetCat Titan provides the Milner's K.C. with plenty of power.

The Brazilians came prepared with a new Super Bandit, F-100D and standard Bandit. Gastao Zanirato and Fabio Trento truly enjoyed their visit.
Jerry Caudle of ProMark Graphics has raised the bar again on sport jets. Small details included a flush mounted canopy, nose gear door, F-4 nose strut and boom and wingtip strobe lights. Kent Nogy assisted for the first flights of the DuPont painted "Copper Top" KingCat during the event. We will bring you more photos of this award winning model soon.

Jack and Geraldo Diaz of Caracus, Venezuela flew there twin Titan powered Rafale (Best Twin Performance award) along with an original, 400+ flight Bandit (with P-120 power).
BVM Rep Phil Nuza flew a very impressive routine with his "Flamed" Super Bandit. The white/black scheme is very visible at 200mph.
The Parker brothers from England brought this custom painted KingCat that was constantly in the air. They were enjoying the spectacular flying site as well as the warm, sunny Florida weather!
Mike Pascoe of the Georgia Jets group put his neon colored KingCat through the paces.
Joe Casteleo shipped his KingCat in the BVM BobCat Case ahead of time to FTE and was quickly in the air upon arrival. Joe's KingCat was airborne frequently and was seen dropping bombs on many occasions thanks to the BVM EZ-DROP's and KingCat molded pylons.
Kent Nogy (right) is assisted by fellow Californian Chris Huhn (left) during a flight with his P-120 powered KingCat. Kent was also helping JR customers during Florida Jets with radio programming and related questions. Chris and Kent are BVM reps.
John Stotz prepares to taxi out. John exercised his BobCat XL and custom painted KingCat at Florida Jets.
This year at Florida Jets, we scheduled "pilot link" time on BobCats and KingCats with interested, soon-to-be jet pilots. Dustin poses with Kurt Van Zyl just after another successful venture.
At noon on Saturday, a jet model lineup on the centerline of the runway allowed several hundred spectators to view these masterpieces and talk to their owners.

The newly formulated Metal-Kote II makes these highly reflective aluminum finishes easier to accomplish on Sabre jets and other bare aluminum skinned jets.

Near perfect point and slow rolls, as well as easy, nose high landings were demonstrated many times during Florida Jets '05.

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