12 O'Clock High
9 - 10 December 2011

By Bob Violett

  The theme of the event was pre 1954 Warbirds or their trainer variants.  The BVM F-80, T-33, F-86, and MiG-15 fall into this category, so we took samples of each to the Lakeland, Fl. event.  The weather was perfect allowing us to log many flights on each model.

Photo Gallery

  The BVM demo team of BV, Pablo, Rei, and Dustin thoroughly enjoyed 12 O'Clock High.


  The EVF ~3~ 12s powered Shooting Stars worked well off the grass strip.  The T-33 showed especially well in the Florida sun with its Metal Kote finish and won the "Best Craftsmanship" award.  The Shooting Stars are now all composite kits made in WinterSprings, Fl.

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