Paradise Field

Monster Planes

September 2010

Paradise Field
Lakeland, Florida

   Seventy five pilots flying everything from huge WWI Bipes, to four engine WWII Bombers, to 110 turbine powered jets come to enjoy the benefits of this all new beautiful grassfield venue.  The Central Florida weather was perfect allowing all of us to log the maximum  number of sorties.
   Our team proved the ground and air worthiness of the BVM and Skymaster turbine and electric jets to operate flawlessly from the grass runway. 
   Proper landing gear design and airframe mounting is validated with any grassfield operation.  BVM's premise is that we don't have a "market ready" product until we prove that it will withstand the rigors of a turf runway.
   Paradise Field, a Frank Tiano project, served us well at Monster Planes and will only get better by Florida Jets 3-6 March 2011.  All of the proper attention to nurture and smooth the sod is on going.

Photo Gallery
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   The BVM team with some of the jets we flew.
   We debuted the new Skymaster F-80 Shooting Star at Monster Planes.  The very generous size of this model is evident here as Chris Keene prepares to let go for taxi out.
   The JetCat P-160 provides good power to allow the F-80 to take off easily.
   Jack and Shani Studnik exercised this Lemans scheme Ultra Bandit at least a dozen times during the event.
   The BVM F-80 with EVF ~2~ 12s power worked well on the grass runway.
   Scott Marr contracted Tom Woods Sr. to gear up this "one of a kind" Ultra Bandit.   Tom does a great job with Ultra's as proven by this absolutely perfect first flight.  Black painted ARF's require extra processes to endure the Florida sun.
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