Paradise Field

A grassfield in the sun that works

  We were invited to a preview flight testing day of this new model airplane facility in Lakeland, Florida.

   It’s a specially prepared grass runway, ideally positioned on the spacious Lakeland Regional Airport for the sole purpose of hosting 4 model airplane extravaganza events per year.

   In Central Florida, the ideal runway is oriented East/West for the prevailing winds and the pilot is facing North so that the sun is never in your face, Paradise Field is so situated.  To address the compatibility of a properly prepared grassfield with jet models, we flew an EVF 4410 powered Electra, and EVF 12s powered , and a JetCat P-160 powered Skymaster Hawk, and Frank Tiano flew a Jet Central "Rhino" powered Cougar from this facility on the morning of 30 Sept 2010.

   All of these jets operated freely from the freshly sodded turf.  With proper under surface preparation, irrigation, sod, rolling, and cutting, we were happy to help Frank prove that events like “Monster Planes” October 7 – 9, Florida Jets, Top Gun, and a new all electric event will be a pleasure to participate in for years to come.

   October to May is the time of the year to enjoy your hobby in Central Florida and Paradise Field just adds to your modeling adventures.

  Photo Gallery

   Part of the field construction process were these 4 concrete start-up pads with 8 pilot stations.  The Bermuda Celebration sod runway is 70 ft wide by 800 ft long with smooth transitions to the surrounding grass.
   This view emphasis's how flat the surface is.
   The Skymaster Hawk is touching down.  There were no landing gear issues with the 3 jets we flew.
   This EVF 4410 powered Electra flown by Harley Condra left the turf after a 200 ft roll.


  With continuous sprinkling, cutting, and rolling, the grass surface will only get better.