2017 Review
by Bob Violett

  Florida Jets has been a successful and fun event for 21 years. Many pilots and vendors look forward to this jet season opener. The city of Lakeland, Florida welcomes our contribution to the local economy. Event Organizer, Frank Tiano has coordinated with the Lakeland Linder Airport Authorities to make it all happen.

  The following photo gallery is a representation of BVM customers, employees and BVM Jets.

Photo Gallery
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Boli Muentes is a very enthusiastic BVM customer. His Ultra Bandit and PNP 1/6th F-16 are serving him well. A worn out main gear wheel system was fixed at the event with BVM parts on hand.

Smoke systems are cool if used sensibly, that is, at altitude, so that the smoke does not bring tears to the eyes of fellow pilots.

Mike Saryz is also a big fan of the BVM Ultra Bandit. He added some vinyl chrome film to really brighten up the bottom surfaces. It sparkled in the brilliant Florida sun.
Glen Grant from Margate, Florida flew his Ultra Bandit multiple times. This particular model started life as a BVM factory demo about 9 years ago.
This Camo Ultra Bandit's scheme was inspired by an Alaska Air National Guard Aggressor aircraft. Owner and pilot Bill Culberson says he will add more "Pro-Mark" insignias. It features a JetCentral "Mammoth" engine and the BVM Hi-Flow Fuel System. This photo captured it as it began a take-off roll.
Robert Rich, a 4th year Engineering Student at U.C.F. offered a lot of assistance to Bob Violett with the Fly Navy Centennial Ultra Bandit and the L-39 PNP. Bob flew 5 different models at Florida Jets 2017. It takes talented and experienced help like Robert to get it done.
The artwork on this very special Ultra Bandit is by Paul for owner Ritchie Holt. A lot of compliments were expressed while it was on display at the BVM booth.

Ritchie likes Ultra Bandits, he has another one in a Red/White/Blue scheme.

A new PNP in the works from BVM is this 1/5 size Viper Jet. Rob Lynch and Dustin Buescher flew it several times for interested customers. It can be flown with or without the winglets (pilot's choice). Available soon with many improvements from earlier versions.

It fits into the category of a "personal size" model, i.e. one that you can transport by yourself.

Bill Culberson flew this BVM 1/5th Scale PNP F-16 at Florida Jets. He purchased the product Thursday afternoon, with some help from his friends Rob Baker, Doug Clements, and Mike McLaughlin, they got it airborne Friday afternoon.
Bill also flew this 63" Sabre ARF with a 60 size engine. The Artic scheme is attractive and visible,
Anna Esteves prepares husband Eduardo's 1/5th Scale PNP F-16 for one of many sorties at Florida Jets.
Also under development is this 1:7.5 scale F-18. Dustin is refining the prototype. This Camo Navy scheme is certainly attractive! Stay tuned for a release date. This F-18 is also just the right size for one person to handle and transport. Thrust is perfect with a 140-160 size turbine.
Dustin was very busy flying various BVM Jets and was also available to help Patty Generali in the sales department.
Rob Lynch and Dustin Buescher were flying F-16's in a duo routine. Dan Asher, Kirby Smith, Scott Harris, and Greg Arnette were helping to coordinate.
This F-86 is a prototype of a future BVM PNP model. The Skyblazer scheme is brilliant in the sky. Turbine and EVF 10S powered versions have been test flown. Rob Lynch flew it many times at the event, fine tuning the controls and C.G. set-up for the best performance. Additional paint schemes will be available. Stay tuned!
Two of Greg Arnette's favorite jets are the Mirage F-1 and the 1/5th scale PNP F-16. Every landing was perfect. See www.BVMJets.com/PNP for more details on these PNP jets.
Scott Harris owns a lot of BVM Jets. This 1/5th scale PNP F-16 was first delivered and flown at Kentucky Jets after an overnight assembly.
Geraldo Diaz traveled from Berkeley, California to show off this Skymaster Cougar. It's been around a few years and has hundreds of flights logged.
Jimmy Safie from El Salvador will fly this BVM 1/5th scale PNP L-39 at Top Gun 2017 in X Class. His practice flights at Florida Jets predict a good outcome.
Greg Foushi added wing tanks and multiple bombs to this very attractive Indiana A.N.G. scheme BVM 1/6 scale PNP F-16. Touch and go's with afterburner lights are one of his favorite and impressive maneuvers.
Rod Snyder is an electric jet enthusiast. These EVF 3 12S powered EBandit and F-80 are excellent examples. The F-80 is being detailed for Top Gun 2017. It's a copy of an early F-80 that is now in a museum. Power and flight times are unmatched in the electric ducted fan world.
Mike Abraira from West Palm Beach, Florida is very pleased with his PNP Cougar - they are great flying airplanes. Behind is Eduardo Esteves returning from a successful flight with his 1/5th scale F-16.
BVM girls, Heather Mercier, Jeanette Ramos, and Patty Generali attended to customer service needs for the 4 day show.
Brothers, Kirby and Don Smith are excellent mechanical and electrical experts for BVM products. Here, they are working on a 1/5th F-16.
This is a partial view of the many BVM Jets on display.
Kirby Smith takes the "Cake" to celebrate his birthday. Greg Foushi helps in the festivities.
Dean Bartmess served in the "Battle of the Buldge" in World War II see www.BVMJets.com/History. He retired from BVM in 2016 after many other careers. We are so proud that he could join us at the show.

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