2013 Review
by Bob Violett

Unusually cold weather for Florida but the breeze was down the runway for 3 days, so the BVM team flew hundreds of sorties.  Jet pilots embrace opportunities like "Florida Jets" to truly enjoy the "flying" part of the sport.  It was rare that all six flight stations weren't busy.  Perhaps the cool temperatures actually encouraged this level of participation.

Photo Gallery
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  BV's 10 year old Super Bandit in Top Gun "Aggressor" scheme now carries external wing tanks for improved visibility.  The best visual cues are contrasting dark and light colors, so its hard to beat this Black Beauty with white tanks.  Part of refurbishing this jet was the development of our new EZ Pylons (see EZ Pylon Kit) to make the tanks (or missiles) very quick to install and remove for easy transport.
  The Super Bandit is now powered by a Jet Central Rabbit for a perfect power/airframe match.

Note:  To have a black paint job withstand the torture of the hot sun is a very involved, multitask process, not suitable for ARF's.  This 10 year old example with many hot sun exposures still looks new proving that it can be done if one is capable and willing.


Peter Goldsmith's Skymaster Cougar in the "Sea Blue" scheme looks great on the ground and in the air during its many flights.


The ready line was dominated by BVM and Skymaster products.  This KingCat belongs to Eric Meyers and the Ultra Bandit is Chris Huhn's.

David Ribbe's Skymaster F-16 on JetCat P-160SX power worked flawlessly during dozens of flights.
This Skymaster F-16 in "Minute Man" Livery was flown by David Payne and Dustin.  This 4 year old model with JetCat P-160 SE power is a good demonstrator of the wide envelope of performance capability of a Falcon.
Ultra Bandit's were numerous at Florida Jets 2013. Mike Sarysz is the 3rd owner of this particular model and is 100% happy with its performance.

Ultra Bandits experience no "coupling" with rudder commands on knife edge.

Greg Wright from Aurora, IL. brought 4 BVM Jets.  The level of craftsmanship and scale finishing techniques is superb.
Jack Diaz assisted fellow Venezuelan Marco Mascia with this Skymaster Hawk during many flights.
RJ Gonzalez showed how well the MiG-15 ARF performed on EVF 14S power.  Dozens of flights, all perfect until an unfortunate mid air with Marco Mascia's Hawk.  Mid-Air's are extremely rare at Jet events but can happen. At least with model jets, the pilot survives to build and fly again.
Richard Curry uses a Jet Central Mammoth to drive his bright orange and aluminum Ultra Bandit.  The performance is awesome.

The BVM team is always part of the noontime show at major events.  This year we launched 5 EVF jets and demonstrated the state-of-the-art of electric jet power.  The crowd enjoyed it and were amazed at the level of performance and flight times.

L-R: BV flew the Camo eBandit, RJ flew the MiG-15, Tommy Wood flew the (one of a kind) Ultra Viper, Pablo Fernandez flew the eBandit, and David Payne piloted the Sabre ARF.

F-100's were popular at FL Jets lead by the "Frequent Flyer" of Jack and Geraldo Diaz.  This airframe has several hundred flights to its credit.
The field lay-out this year dictated that our trade tent be separate from the flight line tent causing some disconnect and difficulty to engage customers with demo pilots.  The trade tent displayed a wide range of BVM and Skymaster products with the new F-104 being the center of attention.

Heather and Patty were on hand to help customers select from hundreds of accessories and BVM attire.


Florida Jets Continued
photo help by Jim Hewston

Roger Ko traveled from New York to fly his brand new BVM MiG-15 on EVF ~3~ 12S power.  Jess Hogan assembled the model and it worked perfectly on its first flight with Dustin doing the honors.
Jared Solomon and Gabe Toro enjoyed the JetCat P-80SE powered BobCat.
Scott Harris (Scale Master's Champion) exercised his Skymaster Hawk several times.
Painted by Paul and flown many times by Ritchie Holt, this Ultra Bandit showed well at Florida Jets.
Frank Tiano makes it all happen.

Low Slow Fly-By

Knife Edge

All Electric Gear in Transit

Perfect Touch Down
  Dr. Stan Pfost ordered a very special version of the Desert Camo MiG-15.  This red nose beauty is perfectly powered by a JetCentral Rabbit.  Other than the turbine engine, all other functions are electric.  BVM has the parts and instructions to duplicate it.
Greg Foushi was awarded "Best Scale Flight" for his fine flying Skymaster A-10 with twin JetCat P-80's.
Dustin rigged a camera on the nose of his Rabbit powered BobCat for some interesting video.
More Ultra Bandit's
Best Sport Jet Award

Lots of vinyl graphics adorned this Ultra Bandit owned by Mark Aton.  Pablo Fernandez presented it well in the skies over Lakeland, Fl.


Harley Condra on landing roll out.
BVM factory demo on knife edge (no coupling).
Richard Curry's Mammoth powered Ultra Bandit.
Mike Sarysz on an inverted pass.
The new Skymaster A-10 1:7.75 scale was on display in the BVM trade booth.
Florida Jets Continued
photo help by F.T.E.
Jack Diaz and son Geraldo took turns flying the F-100.  'Can't be sure who was at the controls on this perfect knife edge pass.
Dustin, David Payne, and BV shared flying duties on the BVM demo Ultra Bandit.
In this case, the grassfield was handy.  The model was not scratched.  Good demo of the Extreme High Alpha capabilities of the Skymaster 1:6 scale F-16.
Stable slow flight is characteristic of all BVM Jets.  This is a great shot of the eBandit with EVF ~3~ 14S power.  BV on the sticks.

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