Top Gun 2009
by Bob Violett

Always a challenge - Always a benefit

The competition is of course the challenge.  Some years, BVM jets dominate, and when that happens the rules get adjusted to give the props and tail draggers an edge the following year.

When the top spots are decided by less than a single point, its tough to be handicapped by 1 1/2 points.  So be it, the rule making committee does what they think is best for the "Top Gun Event".

BVM will always support Top Gun because the real benefit to the hobby and business is the exposure and the resulting model media coverage.

This year we accented our participation in the noontime air show with multiple launches of EVF powered jets, JetCat powered BVM models and a healthy representation of the Skymaster products.

Photo Gallery
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Noon Time Show
BVM production engineer, Don Smith helped BV prepare the EVF powered Sabre ARF for the show.


Chris Keene, Dustin Buescher, Rob Lynch, Bob Fiorenze and Chuck McClellan were vital members of our EVF display of force.
The Skymaster demonstrations were handled by Dustin with the L-39 and Rob with the F-16, both JetCat powered.  Their dual routine exhilarated the crowd.


Steve Elias and Ian Richardson teamed up with this magnificent BVM 80" Sabre.  The Flite Metal technique produced a most scale "war weary" F-86.  It could have just returned from Mig Alley in 1953.
The awards were presented by event director Frank Tiano and announcer Sam Wright.

Here David Ribbe accepts 3rd place "Expert" for his Camo MiG-15

Prior to presenting your model to the flight judges, especially if you use "Retracts" as an "option", you need to check their action.  Here Chris assists Dustin, then positions the F-4 for taxi out, then is the "caller" during flight.

This team effort resulted in 3rd place in Pro-Am.

Franco Dalbon's Skymaster Sabre with Flite Metal and Red Minute Men scheme was brilliant in the sun and expertly flown by Marcos Mascia.
Joey Tamez campaigned the big Skymaster Viper Jet in the Pro-Am category.
A perfect inverted pass with this BVM 80" Sabre was performed by Scott Marr. Scott commented that the P-160 was just too much power.  This model is best powered by the JetCat P-120
FTE's photographer captured Jack Diaz's tank drop at the instant after release.  If the tanks landed squarely in front of the judges, it was surely a 10 point maneuver.
Marcos and Franco carry Jack Diaz's "Huff" back to the tent after a very impressive competition flight.