by Bob Violett


We had a great time at the Cape Girardeau Airport, host to Super-Man '06. The BVM emphasis was to introduce the production version of the Electric VioFAN, promote the Bandit ARF and show off the absolutely unmatched performance of the Ultra Bandit. We think we succeeded.
A very special thanks to Jerry Caudle for making all of the arrangements that provided us with this venue.
Please enjoy the photo gallery.

Photo Gallery
A feature of the Super-Man event is "Scale Hour". Here are some of the participants.
Dawn & Steven Ellzey with a Thunderbird F-100D. Finish is BVM's Metal-Kote II. Power is JetCat P-120.

The flight of the five Phantoms was especially unique - l to r are Vernon Montgomery, Patrick Frost, David Reid, Steve Pulley, Marshal Emmendorfer and Tim Redelman. The BVM F-4's were all powered by JetCat.


This superb BVM 80" Sabre is the work of Scott Harris. Scott recently qualified for the USA Team that will compete in the Jet World Masters in Ireland, July '07.
The weathering technique on the fin is very effective.


This F9F-5 Panther, a future product of BVM, was flown by Kevin Theole - power was a JetCat P-120. Lots of details on the Panther will make it competition worthy.

This great looking BVM F-80 with JetCat P-70 power is the work of RC Pete from Ontario, Canada.
Paul McCaulley's practice F-100D is flying in primer, but it still looks great. The F-100 personifies the Super Sonic look of the 60's and 70's.

This Bicentennial Phantom is a team effort of Carl Spurlock and Clark Jacobsen. Carl is known for his excellent craftsmanship and it sure shows on this very detailed model. The F-4 flew successfully for the first time at Super-Man '06.

The famed "scratch builder" Sam Snyder displayed his latest, a twin P-60 powered B-57 Canberra.

Following scale hour, there was an opportunity for the "electrics" to be noticed. BVM was well represented with these examples of early D/F models converted to EVF power.

The T-33 conversion was flown by Kent Nogy and the "Fly Navy" Ultra Viper by B.V.

Pat McCurry shows off a 63" BVM F-86 kit that will be available soon for EVF power.
This all electric (including retracts) "Artic" scheme model is a perfect scale subject for EVF propulsion.
The fast fly-by's and big loops are impressive.
Metal-Kote II, Concept Insignia red and ProMark epoxy ink rub-on insignia's provide the finish. It was brilliant in the Cape Girardeau sun.
To show how easy it is to convert an early BVM DF jet, Dustin Buescher accomplished the task in a few hours on Thursday and then flew this Aggressor III multiple times at the show.
The speedster performance of David Ribbe's EVF powered early Viper won him the "Best Electric" award at the banquet.
George "Doc" Jones came from New Mexico with his detailed F-100D using JetCat power. This is a great modeling effort by a great modeler.
Col. Art Johnson (now deceased) would have been proud of this one. It is a replica of his squardron's Huns.

Turboprop Edge 540

Jet Modeler, Leon Smith and wife Xenia are observed enjoying the events of the day. They were especially impressed with "Best of Show" performance with the Ultra Bandit and the experimental Xtreme 2.6 Edge 540 with JetCat SPT5 Turboprop power.
O'Neal Galbraith of Nashville, TN exercised his KingCat during the event and had a classic Bandit that was always in the air. O'Neal's passion for the hobby is evident and we're sure to see him at more events.
Another great looking F-4 is owned and operated by Patrick Frost and he is sure proud of it. If you want a Phantom that is scale and really works - none other can touch the BVM offering.
Ali Machinchy came from his shop, Al's Hobbies (BVM dealer) in England, to pilot many different jets. He owns an Ultra Bandit but couldn't bring it to the U.S., so we offered him a ride on B.V.'s prototype with JetCat P-180 power. He's all smiles about the performance.
Joe McBride acquired a 2nd hand "Classic Bandit" and says he truly enjoys its flying characteristics.