E-Jet Fest 2020
Mulberry, Florida

February 6 - 9, 2020

Photos and Text provided by: Enrico Traby

First of all, I would like to thank BVM for having me at your factory and always great support. Its an honor for me to be a part of the BVM family and I'm proud to present your products as a Rep. and really appreciate it.

Finally I had the chance to sneak away from Austria for 2 weeks and pick up my "Orange beauty" the e-Bandit . Having the EDF Event coming up in Mulberry, the timing couldn't be better to finally get it in the air. As always, one click of trim and just enjoy this incredible machine of engineering and perfection. Rob Lynch and I were, of course, looking forward to the speed runs which were announced already before the Event.
I was more then impressed with the EVF 16s setup which I choose as a powerhouse for the second eBandit.
At the end, Rob took 1st place with his unbelievable Electra on the EVF R doing 230mph in the speed runs. I was more then surprised to get the Bandit up to 223mph on the second day at the event. We had great fun and we enjoyed the perfect weather on Saturday, blue skies and almost no wind.

I was already aware of not being able to beat Rob with his perfection in speed runs, but still happy with the 2nd place.
Thank you again and looking forward to my new speed machine the "Red Rocket" so Rob gets some challenge for the upcoming year.


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Enrico Traby and Rob Lynch
Rob Lynch took 1st Place with this Electra.
Enrico Traby with his eBandit.
Rob Lynch took time out of his busy schedule to provide some prospective customers with buddy box time. Below are some photos of the happy gentleman.



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