Grove City, Ohio

For those in the E.D.F. business,  E-Jets Ohio has become "The Venue" to show and demonstrate products.  The '09 event drew 80 pilots from all over the U.S.A. and several foreign countries.  The weather and the facility were perfect, allowing non-stop electric jet enjoyment.

One great advantage of such an event is that a prospective electric jet customer can observe for himself the performance of the products.  If speed, rate of climb, endurance (flight time), ease of landing, and reliability are important to him, personal observation at events like E-Jets negates the need to filter internet hype from reality.

The BVM demo team brought 9 EVF jets to the show, flew them all multiple times logging 5 1/2 to 7 1/2 minute flights, and experienced "zero" airframe, powerplant, or battery problems.  Additionally, BVM Reps, Rob Lynch, Enrico Traby, Dave Malchione, Tim Redelman, and Bob Belluomini demonstrated the excellence of their skills and the BVM products.

E-Jets Ohio served to reinforce the reasons BVM Jets are # 1 in the arena of high performance and reliability.  The eight trophy plaques for the Top 5 Speedsters, the "Best Sport Flight", the "Best Scale Flight", and the "Best of Show" are testimony to the validity of our slogan "Engineered for Success".

To have speed, endurance, vertical performance, and safe landing characteristics, the design and execution of the powerplant and airframe must be thoughtfully integrated and optimized for efficiency.  It is doubtful that 3 to 4 minute flights with heavy, obsolete airframes will satisfy many customers.

Photo Gallery

Jerry Kerr Sr. enjoyed success with his EVF 4010 powered Electra.  Jerry's craftsmanship is well known and really shows on this model.
The BVM F-80 kit has been completely redone for efficient EVF power.  Its 72" span. wing tip tanks, and classic outline appeal to vintage jet enthusiasts.  Its performance appealed to the judges earning the
"Best Scale Flight" award.

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BVM Rep Tim Redelman flew the maiden flights on his Blue Impulse Sabre ARF.  The ThunderPower 40c batteries with an EVF 5612 push it along with ease.
Many members of the T.O.R.K.S. Club assist Terry Nitsch in the effort to make E-Jets so successful.  We do appreciate it and look forward to the 2010 event.
Count them: these 15 Electra's dominated the
flying activities.
Things sure look and function better when pretty Patty goes on the road with us.  She flew an F-80 in Top Gun Team Scale some years ago. Tom Robertson
built that model.
While the radar gun was handy, Rob Lynch demonstrated that Dustin's 4010 powered Electra could go 180 mph.  Allowing 5-8 mph for a tailwind, that's still impressive.  Chris Keene assisted and Kevin Petrilla operated the radar.
The F-4 is now powered with (2) 5612 EVF's and really gets it on.  Great vertical performance and 5 1/2 minute flight times with this 32# machine earned it the "Best of Show" award.
Here are the Top 5 speedsters:

Rob Lynch, Larry Johnson, Tim Redelman, Bob Violett, and Enrico Traby with their Electra's.

A great formation flight of Blue Impulse Sabre's was performed by Tim Redelman and Dave Malchione.  Both were using EVF 5612's with ThunderPower 40c batteries for propulsion.
Dave also powers this vintage BVM Falcon with an EVF 5612.  It is fast!

BVM Jets captured most of the trophies:

    The Top 5 Speedsters, with Rob Lynch #1 at 193 mph (189 back up)
    "Outstanding Flight Sport" award - Rob Lynch
    "Best Scale Flight" - BV with the F-80 Shooting Star
    "Best of Show" - BV with the F-4 Phantom Twin EVF


"Project Speed" is a specially prepared Electra with custom paint by  The effort paid off with Rob earning the Top Speed of 193 mph.

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Thanks to Lee Estingoy of Castle Creations, we have this photo of the Electra pilots at E-Jets '09.  Good photos enhance the experience and memories.

From left to right: Tim Redelman, Enrico Traby, Bob Belluomini, Larry Johnson, Bob Violett, Jean-Claude Terrattaz, Rob Lynch, Jack Fetter, Jerry Kerr Sr., Pablo Fernandez, Dean Eberly, Matt Fehling, and Dave Malchione.