Florida Jets

March 4-7, 2004

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193 registered pilots, 6 flight lines, several hundred flights, and an enthusiastic crowd of spectators marked the new Florida Jets at the Lakeland Regional Airport. It was a very successful event from all perspectives and the weather was perfect.

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Bob Covish of Austin, Texas joined the fun with his freshly finished KingCat. This is Bob's trademark scheme and it is clearly visible in any sky condition.

Tony's KingCat and Phantom - both powered with JetCat P-120's.
Tony and Dodie Masiello escaped the cold weather in Maryland and brought 2 new BVM jets. Tom Dodgen assisted with the first flights on the F-4 Phantom. Tony logged many flights throughout the four day event on both aircraft.

David Skillings of Hobe Sound, FL and good friend Ray Labonte shared David's KingCat during the event. A JetCat P-120 is utilized along with a JR 10X radio. There were 24 KingCats flying at the event.

A Special KingCat

The Naples, Florida group of Francis Pischner, Vern and Larry Kramer are performance jet enthusiasts. This very special KingCat is typical of their work and features leading edge lights (available from Paul Hopkins) and smoke. A new AMT USA AT400 provides excess power. They won the Best Craftsmanship and Best Graphics (by ProMark) for their effort.


Joao, Celso and Pedro from Sao Paulo, Brazil made the trek to Florida Jets with two turbine Bandit's, beautifully crafted and well flown. They were part of the very international flavor of Florida Jets.


Justin Sands of Reton, Washington traveled cross-country to fly his Blue Angels Super balsa Bandit. Kent Nogy calls for Justin on one of his flights. His craftsmanship and piloting skills are superb.

Gordon Dickens logged many flights on his JetCat P-120 Super Bandit. Gordon is part of the "Georgia Jets" group and is exploring the full aerobatic envelope of his Super Bandit.
Keith Sievers of Jacksonville, Florida enjoyed his NAVY KingCat with JetCat P-120 power. Keith was one of the first KingCat owners and has gained valuable flight experience with it.
William Jackson and friend Darla are assisted by Mitch Weiss as he runs up his BVM .96 powered camouflage Bandit. William flew two of his three Bandits that he brought to Florida Jets '04.

Scott Harris traveled from Tennessee with his Sabre jet featuring BVM Metal-Kote and Pro-Mark markings. This F-86 is a great example of the Metal-Kote system and his detail work is extraordinary.
Jason Bauer (Orlando, Florida) finds that this BVM F-80 is quite amply powered with a RAM 500. The thumbs up says it all.
Michigan's John Stotz enjoyed the Florida sunshine and his BobCat XL with JetCat power. Big smiles were the norm at Florida Jets '04. We all had a great time!
The first U.S.A. operation of the new JetCat P-200 engine was on this KingCat by John Redman. The vertical performance was awesome and the end speed controlled by the JetCat Speed Limiter. Addition of some ProMark panels and nomenclature and the clear canopy and cockpit really dressed up this USAF version.

Dustin Buescher logged some flight time on his Metal-Kote finished F-86 Sabre and was fortunate to have his father Dick assisting throughout the weekend. He also picked up the "Best Ducted Fan" award at FJ '04.

Dustin flew the BVM F-80 with SWB Mamba power throughout the weekend, pickling the wing tanks at show center every flight. The model is equipped with the BVM EZ-DROP mechanism.
Ray Blair of Houston, Texas prepares his Blue Angel F-4 Phantom for a flight with smoke during the scale-hour. Pilots and spectators appreciate this special time for these special models. P.A. announcer Sam Wright kept the crowd connected.
Kent Nogy flew his JR/Stars & Bars KingCat as well as assisting many pilots/attendee's with questions about the JR product line. Kent is the "go-to-guy" at these major events for up-to-date info on any JR radio or part, and, he carries spares should any be needed.
Tom Dodgen prepares the new BVM factory demo MiG for a sortie. The taped-on fluorescent orange drop tank sleeves give Hi-Viz to the camo scheme. The new A.F.S. MiG will become popular - it is such a great flying and ground handling machine.

Rob Janiger (California) and Tom Dodgen (Florida) got together for some ultra-close formation flying on Sunday with their KingCats. We can only imagine how good this duo would be if they practiced more than twice a year.
Peter Weiss journeyed from Israel to fly his BVM F-4 Phantom. Peter did an extraordinary job detailing this aircraft. It features a slotted L.E. stabilator, twin opening cockpits, etc. etc. He is a very enthusiastic scale modeler and pilot and collected the "Best Military, Pre 1960" award.
Following fashion from Superman '03, it was unanimously voted (pilots meeting) to have the "Scale Hour" at Florida Jets '04. This shows just a portion of the field and the amount of spectators/pilots that enjoy watching these very special jets fly.
Top Gun competitor Joe Grice (builder) surprised many participants by taking to the sky with "Pretty Penny", not only during the "Scale Hour", but also during the open flying.

The high drag petals actually deploy after release causing the simulated 500 pound "Snake Eyes" to drop almost directly below the release point. These munitions were used in the Vietnam War by NAVY and Air Force fighter bombers such as the F-100.

Interested bombers can talk to Joe about availability of these very unique simulated weapons.

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