12 O'Clock High

Lakeland, Florida

20 - 22 October, 2016

  A Warbird event for props and jets produced by Frank Tiano Enterprises.

 Models replicating combat aircraft from WWI, WWII, Korear, Vietnam, and Desert Storm were displayed and flown in near perfect weather conditions at the Lakeland Linder Airport Facility.

The photo gallery below represents BVM sold and serviced products.

Photo Gallery

Ritchie Holt helped Sal DiFloria campaign this very attractive BVM PNP Cougar. The VT (Training Squadron) 23 paint scheme shows well in the sky.
Rob Lynch is the best airshow "stick" in the hobby. His 1/6th scale BVM PNP F-16 was executing "smoke-on" 4 point rolls at 5ft. altitude with absolute perfection.
Bob Violett and Sal DiFloria flew these EVF ~3~ 12S powered models simultaneously to demonstrate the performance, cool sound, and absolute reliability and simplicity of operation of BVM's E Jets.
Ritchie Holt proved the airworthiness of the new 1/5th scale F-16 PNP with many great flights.
This is a superb rendition of a Skymaster A-4 Skyhawk. This "E" model is a 1989 VT-7 airplane with a very visible scheme. Tim Len is the creator and pilot while Jason Bauer assists with the spotter/advisor duties.
Bob Violett flew the BVM Cougar and L-39 multiple times during the 3 day event and spent time with interested spectators sharing the history of these vintage jets.
Greg Foushi shows "perfect form" during the landing approach with his BVM 1/6th scale F-16 PNP. The Indiana ANG scheme shows extremely well against any background.

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