2018 Review
by Bob Violett

  Cool Weather - Great Event

Photo Gallery
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Most photos are courtesy of Barry Vaught

Ritchie Holt from Davie, Florida flew this BVM 1/5th scale F-16 many times throughout the fair weather event.
Greg Arnette is assisted by Kirby Smith with the BVM 1/5th scale Mirage F-1. The landing gear is scale and functions well.
Dustin Buescher and Rob Lynch are debriefing after Dustin evaluated the flight characteristics of the BVM PNP 63" Sabre. This model was powered by a Spark T-6 engine. An EVF 10S version is also available. The Skyblazer paint scheme shows well against the deep blue sky.
Bob Violett and Dustin Buescher took turns flying the classic "Fly Navy" Ultra Bandit. Bob likes the external tanks for increased visibility, Dustin flys it clean wing.
Rod Snyder flys several BVM jets. His latest is this Ultra Bandit in the 35th Anniversary scheme. His smile reflects satisfaction with this "ride".
This BVM L-39 in the "Breitling" scheme is launching for one of many flights. Jimmy Safie at the controls.
Alex Gonzalez got some flights on the BVM Viper Jet while Rob Lynch coaches. Alex acquired the "Indy" scheme at the show.
The all new BVM EVO Bandit sports the 35th Anniversary scheme. This one is guided by a Spektrum 20X and powered by a JetCentral Super Bee 80.
Soon to be available as a BVM "Go Fly" offering is this F-18C Hornet. Louis Peng assists Rob Lynch during a demonstration flight at Florida Jets. This rather large model is 1:5.5 scale.
This brilliant scheme is labeled the "Greek". Kirby Smith assists Greg Arnette with the BVM 1:5th scale F-16.
Greg Arnette assists Marc Morgan with a 1:6 scale BVM F-16.
BVM Engineer Don Smith is explaining the internal features of the 63" PNP Sabre. An EVF 10S version and a turbine version are available.
A 12S powered Electra with a custom paint scheme streaks by. Rob Lynch is on the sticks.
Bob Violett's eBandit is on the roll and on a slow fly-by. The EVF ~3~ 16S powered 21Lb model can streak by at 200mph.
This 1:5 BVM F-16 belongs to Henry Castellanos and is powered by a KingTech engine.
This large Skymaster Hawk was on display in the BVM trade booth and is shown "In-Action" with Greg Arnette in control.
Roberto Zelaya from El Salvador thoroughly enjoyed the BVM 1:5 F-16 in Texas ANG "Gun Fighter" livery. - Many flights!
A 1:4 scale YAK130 that is powered by (2) JetCentral Cheetah 160 engines was promoted by Jimmy Safie.
The General Dynamics prototype scheme is always attractive and HiViz. This 1/5th version belongs to Bill Culberson from Mobile, Alabama.
Lucky Bird - Lucky Rob.

Bird strikes are usually fatal to both.

Patty Generali and Bob Violett were busy in the trade booth greeting many Florida Jets participants. The static display of the all new EVO "Ultra Bandit" was it's first public showing.
Franco DiMauro spent time at the BVM booth preparing models for flight and also flew many airplanes.

This perfect knife edge flight on his BVM 1/5th scale F-16 is representative of his many talents.


Customer Appreciation Dinner was enjoyed at the BVM Trade Booth


Florida Jets 2018 Awards

Award Aircraft Winner
Best Scale Jet Runner Up BVM F-18 PNP Rob Lynch
Electric Jet Performance eBandit Bob Violett
Special Recognition BVM F-1 Mirage Greg Arnette




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