"A First"
An Electric Ducted Fan Event


Kyle Normberger thought it was time for such an event and so he made it happen.  With the support of his fellow Ocala R/C Flyers, they hosted about 30 entries at their "picture perfect" club field just off Interstate 75 in Ocala, Florida.  Kyle topped his day with a flight on one of our factory demo Electra's.

This happy group flew these BVM "E" Jets many times during the one day event enjoying the 80F warmth of December in Central Florida. 

L-R David Plaine, Chuck McClellan, BV, John Banner, and Bob Fiorenze.

(4) Electra's and (1) F-86 - all EVF and EVO powered.Flight Power, Director of Marketing, Colin McGinn and Steve Rogers (technical support) attended the event to observe the state-of-the-art in electric ducted fan propulsion (EDF).

A significant part of the "State" are the new 30c 2p 6400 mah Saddle Cells. Shown here as (2) 5s 2p packs in series in the Camo Electra.

For a 12s setup we use (2) 5s 2p and (1) 2s 2p packs in series.  This combination was flown for the first time in Bob Fiorenze's EVF 5012 powered Electra Jet.

The performance and flight times were awesome and the after flight battery temps are the coolest we have seen at just over 100F on an 80F ambient day.

Sleek looking and efficient, this BVM Electra Jet logged several flights at Ocala with the EVF and EVO batteries for power.

More info on these and other Lipo battery combinations for the EVF soon.


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