California Jets 2011
by Bob Violett

Button Willow is a fabulous place to hold a jet event and thanks to Dave Presta and Kenny Falconer, this annual April event is enjoyed by many West Coast jet modelers.  Gerardo Diaz helped us with the photos that confirm BVM's support and participation.

Photo Gallery
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  Oops! This East Coast guy snuck in to California some how, and he brought the BVM eMiG with him.  Pablo Fernandez did such an impressive show with the MiG that he won Best of Show EDF and Best EDF Performance awards.
  Your host, Dave Presta with Ian Oberholser and SkyMaster Viper, a very popular jet in California.
  One of Gerardo's BVM jets is this EVF powered Fury ARF.  It is perfectly powered with ThunderPower LiPo's, (3) 4s 65c 6600mAh batteries.
  Jake Bottita has a lot of experience now with his BVM Bandit ARF.  This is its 2nd year at California Jets.  The future!
  Dantley's thumbs up signals his approval of his SkyMaster Viper's performance.
  Gerardo powered this BVM F-100F with a JetCat P-160 and thoroughly enjoys the performance.  This Vietnam era combat scheme Hun was built and finished by Mark Taylor.
  Jose Macias added some custom paint to his KingCat.  It shows well in the air.
  Tim Brown with a turbine powered Maverick.
  Patrick Richards with an EVF powered "Sparky" scheme Electra.
  This All American scheme Electra is proudly owned by Walter Hess.
  Gonzalo Martinez is a BobCat hotshot from San Rafael, Ca.
  The "Pablo" EBandit flight demonstration routine is now appreciated in California.
Two Early MiG's and the MiG-15 ARF.