2010 Review

    The first jet event in the eastern part of the USA is also the largest of the season.  This year, we had nearly perfect weather for 3 of the 4 days and the flight line action was intense.  Jet pilots from all over the world were anxious to shake off this year's colder than normal "Winter Blues" and really enjoy their sport.
    Frank Tiano's pilot briefs urged everyone to abide by our A.M.A. safety guidelines and common sense.  So, beside being a large event, it was also a safe operation and totally enjoyed by the 172 registered pilots.  For BVM, FL Jets 2010 was an opportunity to debut our EVF
power system and its new mount, the E Bandit. 
    The increasing cooperative effort between Skymaster and BVM was also evident with 32 current and "coming soon" jets on display in the tent and some more on the flight line.

Photo Gallery
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Ali Machinchy flew many different Skymaster and X-Treme jets at Fl Jets 2010 but maybe the most impressive display of his talents was with this Hawk.
Greg Wright traveled from Naperville, In. for some sunshine and to enjoy his EVF 4010 powered Electra.
The Skymaster F-16 1/6th scale is so popular that we invited several pilots to try it out.  Kim assisted hubby Dave Payne with a check ride.  All of the systems, especially the landing gear work flawlessly.
RCI's Jeff Tolomeo helped us promote the BVM demo L-39 Albatross.  This Skymaster/Xtreme jet benefits from a BVM produced instruction supplement and a few special parts.
Scott Harris applied an "Ultra" scheme to his Classic Bandit and exercised it many times at the event.
Jack Diaz gets a lot of mileage out of his BVM jets.  This F-100D has competed in Top Gun multiple times and flown at many USA jet events.  Jack's efforts this year garnered two awards the "Best Scale Jet Performance" and "Best Craftsmanship".
BVM's "New Products" introduction at this year's event was the E-Bandit and the EVF 12s power system.

6+ minute flights on this larger sport jet won the "Best E.D.F." award.

Rob Lynch flies more than any other pilot at jet events.  This Fl. Jets, his mounts were a very special Electra and a Fury ARF.
It was obvious that Tommy Wood and son Nick enjoyed FL Jets.  His EVF 5612 Electra (built from kit) carries the "Jolly Roger" scheme and is a very high performance machine.
It's hard to find any jet guy who enjoys these events more than Francis Pischner.  You have seen this artfully painted Bandit before, and that's good.  It is very fast and has survived.
Alejandro Lazcano was buddy boxed by Rob Lynch acting as his instructor.  The Bandit ARF has proven to be a good trainer in this scenario.  Both flyers are very pleased with the Bandit ARF in this role.
Rod Snyder and Scott Harris campaigned this BVM Kingcat.
Jason Bauer or Orlando, Fl. has logged 87 flights on his Bandit ARF.  The JetCat P-70 provides more than adequate power.  Jason is a member of our home club, the R.C.A.C.F.
Our thanks to Frank Tiano for the following "In-Action" photos from Fl. Jets 2010.