Photo Gallery

Skymaster Vipers are big, easy to see, and easy to fly and land scale jets.  They are best powered with 34 - 36# thrust engines.  This sample by Jim Little was evidence of those characteristics and logged many flights at the Georgia event.
Pete Harasiewicz (R/C Pete) enjoys flying jets so much that he traveled from Ontario, Canada to exercise this checker board adorned Kingcat.
BV's P-120 powered 80" Sabre garnered much admiration for its good looks and flying attributes.
There were 7 Ultra Bandits at this event.  These two, nearly identical samples belong to Joey Tamez and Scott Marr and logged numerous flights each.
Dustin (R) has been working with Jay Curtis to advance his skills and fine tune the Bandit ARF.
David Reid is an "Ultra Guy" now with his custom painted version.  It looks good in the air as well.
Shall we title this one the "Beauty and the Beast"?  The beauty is obviously Samantha Nuza, Phil's 13 year old daughter.  The F-100 in Phil's expert hands qualifies as the beast.
Joe Rafalowski contributes a lot of his skills and time to help this event occur and to help many BVM customers have success with our products.  Joe's Ultra and F-100 are flawless examples of his craftsmanship and piloting skills.
Harley Condra is now a Florida based BVM jet guy and brought his KingCat to enjoy the Super
Jet South event.
This attractive Super Bandit from a BVM, All Composite kit is proudly owned and flown
by Joey Tamez.
Nobody enjoys this sport more than Vernon Montgomery.  Vernon and Phil Nuza put on some very impressive formation flights with
their BVM F-100 D's.
The Super Jet South event is the concept of facility owner and developer Gordon Dickens.  Gordon says, "It's all about the fun" and part of his fun is flying
their Ultra Bandit.

Thank you Gordon from all of us.

This started up area was dominated by BVM and Skymaster jets.
Dee Miller included their EVF powered Electra in his arsenal of jets.  The Electra is welcomed at his home field in Mulberry, FL.
This Thunderbird replica F-100 D is the excellent work of Bob Bush.  It has been operating well for several years with an early AMT air start
Pegasus engine.
Bandit ARF's are popular at most jet events because they fly so well and are sleek in appearance.  These yellow birds are flown by Jay Curtis and Richard Curry.  Dustin was coaching.
Here's another Super Bandit that is the artful work of Jeff Daly from Canada.  It is definitely
"High Performance".
The most "Tricked Out" Ultra Bandit at the show was this "Lit Up" version by Ed Ritsko.  Kelly and baby Ella enjoyed the family friendly event as well.
The EVF powered F-86 in UTAH ANG livery flew many times while Peanut waited patiently in the pits, close to the food stand.