Certain jet events just seem to "click".  The location, the facility, the time of the year, the loyal attendees, and of course, in the case of the "Liberty Bell", we have Cindy and Mike Lesher's dedication that ensures the success of the event.  It is always a fun and rewarding trip for BVM.

Photo Gallery
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Here, Cindy and Mike take a moment to show off their new "Sundowner" F-4 from Skymaster.  A few successful flights preceded the event.  All of this detail work is from the factory.
Joe Rafalowski helps Mike with the organization and lends his piloting skills with test hops on new jets.  As with all BVM Reps. this courtesy now extends to the Skymaster product line. Joe's custom painted single pilot Ultra is an exceptional example of craftsmanship.
Mike Cramer gave special decorative treatment to his Electra and it looks great in the air.
Bandits were popular at Liberty Bell
George Delmoral is very busy flying UAV missions but did fine time to join us at the Deck Airport and enjoy his Bandit ARF.  This Diamond Back scheme is popular.
Chris Trump's Balsa Bandit is in its fifth year of success and participation at Liberty Bell.  The "Shrike" missiles are a nice touch.
Mark and Patrick Holowesko joined us on Sunday and got some very successful flights on this multi-colored Bandit ARF.  Patrick is a grandnephew of B.V..
Robert Vess reestablished the KingCat's preeminence as king of "turn around" jet aerobatics.  His JetCat       P-160SX powered machine coupled with his piloting skills were inspiring to all.
The Huns
Joe Rafalowski and Andy Finizio campaigned these fine examples of the majestry of the F-100.  Both are covered with Flight-Metal and are P-160 powered.  For those that came to see scale jets fly - they saw the best.
Dave Malchione Jr. and Dustin entertained the spectators flying duel routines with these ultimate performance machines.
Skymaster Jets
The BVM demo Falcon logged several flights at Liberty Bell.  Shared stick time was available.

Bob Neal with his S.M. Sabre
Skymaster jets are popular in the Northeast and BVM's involvement is enhancing the success of this product line.

See www.BVMJets.com/Skymaster

The Malchione's
Pete, Dave Jr., and Dave share the joys of jet flying and the camaraderie of the jet-togethers.  They bring a trailer full of BVM stuff and some "foamies" and its non stop flying.
Part of the BVM Road Show
The #1 jet puppy "Peanut" patiently awaits at the flight station while B.V. prepares the EVF4010 powered Electra.  We like to demonstrate the practicality of this simple and cost efficient system.  With the 10s ThunderPower 40c batteries, most observers think it is 12s powered.  With the help of our crew members, Chris Keene and Patrick Grindstaff, I managed 9 flights in one day.  Thanks guys!