BVM Visits Arizona
The 20th Anniversary of the Arizona Jet Rally

Pilot's Choice
Best Electric Jet

Pilot's Choice
Best Turbine Jet

    The weather, the facility, and the Mesa Model Aviator's hospitality just could not have been better to allow the 71 jet pilots to enjoy their hobby.

    It was a good opportunity to meet new modelers and get reacquainted with our west coast friends.

    Since the Mesa group has been active in electric jets from their infancy, we wanted to show off what BVM has accomplished with our recent technology.  We flew two Electras and the Sabre ARF, all powered with our latest 12s system, the EVF5212.

    We logged several flights every day without a single problem, be it airframe, landing gear, fan, motor, E.S.C., or batteries; not even a scratched wing tip.

    Our efforts were rewarded with the "Best Electric Jet" Trophy and some new BVM EVF customers.  The superior performance and reliability of the BVM electric jet products was affirmed at the Mesa event.

    Our thanks to Contest Director John Mangino for the exquisite trophy plaques and organizational efforts.

Photo Gallery
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Some BVM jets and crew that attended the Mesa event are L-R, Bob Violett, Dustin Buescher, Dan Johnson, Kent Nogy and John Griffin.
"The Colonel" Bob Thacker (R) was on hand to assist Dr. Ken Wagner (L) fly his Bandit ARF.  Ken commented on how much he liked flying this JetCat P-70 powered machine.
Kent Nogy is a BVM California based Field Rep that offered us all the support we needed to make this trip successful.  Kent's 8 year old "Classic Bandit" is still a premium machine on P-120 power.
Dan Johnson is well known for his expert craftsmanship and paint work.  This early KingCat is exemplary.
Dustin Buescher put on quite an airshow routine with the P-200 powered Ultra Bandit.  The machine and pilot were recognized with "The Best Turbine Jet" award presented by the Mesa club.
The "Utah" Target Tow Sabre fit well into the local topography.  It flew many times during the 3 day event.  This is one of four paint schemes available.

Pilot's Choice Awards

  When the majority of the pilots at an event agree on a matter such as the performance of our products, it really matters to BVM because they are eye witnesses.

    Internet forum chatter can be entertaining but is to a lesser degree, credible.  Sometimes, those who are the most opined and vocal , are the least impressive when it actually comes down to building and flying jet models.  This is especially evident at events where their accomplishments are on display.

    This phenomena has existed from the early days of D/F power, turbine propulsion and now with electric jets.