Colonel Day 2015

  It was a weekend of jet flying at Greg Arnette's Ranch in Osteen, Florida to celebrate the lifetime accomplishments and service to our Country of Colonel Bob Thacker.  The weather was perfect and the gathering most cordial for invited jet enthusiasts who have been modeling friends of the Colonel's for many years.

 The photo gallery below helps to relate just some of the good times that 38 pilots and friends enjoyed with the Colonel.

Handsome Bob always appreciates the ladies.

L-R: Elizabeth, Patty, Colonel Bob, Jamie, and Phylis

Photo Gallery
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Our gracious host Greg Arnette is getting a few pointers from the Colonel.
BVM's WWII Hero, Dean Bartness, Battle of the Bulge "Bronze Star" recipient, enjoys a few war stories with the Colonel.
Airline pilot and model jet enthusiast, Boli Muentes, shows off his 2 favorite jets, a BVM PNP F-16 and an Ultra Bandit. Boli flew them both many times during the celebration. His Ultra Bandit garnered the "Best Sport Plane" trophy.
BV's "Fly Navy" Ultra Bandit got some exercise during the event.
Tim Len's BVM PNP Cougar did as well. Tim installed an Auro Gyro with assistance from David Ribbe of Flex Innovations.
Brad Hughes flew his latest PNP F-16 several times during "Colonel Day". Brad likes to add external stores and there are more coming for this Desert Storm F-16A Block 10. "The Boys from Syracuse" would be proud.
Brad's Cougar is also ready at the start-up area. This custom scheme is admired by many Cougar enthusiast.


There were (2) Red BVM PNP YAK-130's at the event. Dave Ribbe's and Fredrich Murch's.  This one is Fredrich's.
Richie Holt won a "Best Military Jet" award with his 15 year old BVM Phantom. Rob Lynch also got some stick time on it. We think that this model logged the most flights and belched out more smoke than most others. Maybe somebody out there has a good airborne photo?
Richard Curry traveled from Evans, Georgia to enjoy the good times with his BobCat.
BV's Cougar is at "Parade Rest" between flights. Greg's fences help protect people and planes.
  Rob Lynch demonstrated the awesome performance and durability of Ritchie Holt's seasoned BVM Rafale. Power is a single JetCat P-180 with guidance by a Spektrum 18X and a Cortex Gyro.
  This BVM F-100 has been around since it won the Expert Class at Top Gun 2003. It always shows well with Joe Rafalowski on the sticks. Power is by a JetCat Titan engine and it is guided by a Spektrum 18X.
 E Bandit enthusiast, Mike Pasco from the Georgia Jets group applied this custom paint scheme and centerline drop tank to his EVF 3 12S 9er powered model.
Engineering student and technical guy at BVM, Robert Rich, helped us out on Friday and also took the EVF 10S Electra up for a few hot rod hops.
  Phylis Len and Jana Curry were very helpful with the many administrative chores required to run the event.


  Col. Bob was part of the Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star U.S.A.F. acceptance program. There was a 500 hours of simulated combat flying assignment in the California desert. Chuck Yeager was one of the pilots when Col. Bob was leading the program.


  BV demonstrated this EVF 12S powered model for Bob on this very special day in November 2015. This model has been a multiple contender at Top Gun "Master's Class". It has won 3rd place three times including the 2015 event.
  The Colonel gives the "Best Military Jet" award to Ritchie Holt for his many "smoking" flights on a BVM Blue Angel Phantom. The model was originally built and painted by Bill Harris in 2000 - still going strong!
  Randy Clark accepts the "Best of Show" award from the Colonel. Randy flew a huge twin engine YAK-130. The "Flight of Betty Joe" poster in the background tells the story of the Colonel's record long distance flight in a P-82, circa 1947.
  Dr. Ken Wagner is an avid jet flyer from Yorba Linda, California. His two favorite jets are the BVM PNP F-16 and an eBandit. Dr. Ken escorts Colonel Bob to and from this annual celebration event. Dr. Ken also owns a real P-51 and got some recurrent training in Kissimmee, Florida during this trip.

Col. Bob Thacker standing in front of "Betty Joe" in 1947.

 Our sincere thanks to Greg Arnette for planning and hosting "Colonel Day" 2015.

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