2015 Review
by Bob Violett

  We were so busy prepping the BVM demo jets and flying them, that time to take photos just slipped away. Plus, the pit area and flight line area is crowded because of the popularity of this event, it is difficult to ask a pilot to stop what he is doing, put the hatches on the model, pose with a smile, etc.

  Here are some photos, we will add to them as they become available.

Photo Gallery
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Greg Arnett was always ready to go with any of 5 BVM Jets he brought to FL Jets. We tried to keep track of who flew the most.  Gunrad might have edged him out with his F-16 and F-22. Rich Uravitch covers these events for sponsor Model Airplane News and captured Greg's perfect setup for landing.
Tim Redelman's Bandit sports winglet tips that are a Tommy Wood's innovation. Flies Great - Looks Great. Tim escaped the cold Indiana weather to enjoy some Florida sun and flying.
Scott Harris always brings a fleet.  This Skymaster Hawk was built using the BVM Success Pack that enhances the product and eases the assembly. Scott traveled from Nashville, Tennessee.
The "Georgia Jet" guys always have fun. This gorgeous custom painted Ultra Bandit is the work of Joe Rafalowski and Mike Pascoe (driving the cart). Craig Gottschang  is enjoying the moment.
A matching BVM Electra is seen in the Ga. Jets Tent.
Mike's E-Bandit is also a custom scheme and is powered with an EVF 3 12S 9er. Everything is streamlined for a very efficient machine.
The BVM 40' X 40' trade booth was split about 50/50 for our flying demo planes and the sales area.
This E-Bandit on EVF 12S 9er power flew multiple times/day. BV's favorite "E" Jet.
We impressed the electric jet and turbine enthusiasts with this
E-Bandit in Navy Camo scheme. It is powered by a prototype EVF~3~16S with 24# Lbs of thrust. The powerplant has 40+ flights on it, the airframe has at least 200.
Bill Freeland is preparing his BVM F-16 in the General Dynamics scheme. Bill says this scheme is easy to see against any sky condition. Jason Bauer is assisting.
Two BVM F-16's are parked on the pilots side of the fence.  Dustin and Jason Bauer flew these frequently.
BV's Cougar dubbed "Triple Sticks" (because of number on the nose cone) flew at least 3x daily.  With the Cortex Gyro on board, it handled the persistent crosswinds well.
This "Alaska" scheme BVM F-16 is "loaded" with tanks and missiles. It is owned and flown by Rei Gonzales.
Son, R.J. Gonzales applied this custom pant scheme to a BVM
E-MiG on EVF 12S 9er power. R.J. makes it look great in the air.
Greg Arnette's High-Viz "Navy / Marine Reserve" BVM Cougar is captured in flight and taxing back from another successful sortie. Flaps and speed brakes used for landing, and the landing lights add to the realistic affect.
Cesar Quero  from Venezuela flew this early Bandit
ARF many times.
It was a cool morning, so Jeanette Ramos, Patty Generali, and Heather Mercier kept warm with their BVM jackets.
Jeanette poses again with BVM technicians, Casey Sanders and Kirby Smith - they can fix almost anything.
This Ultra Bandit was campaigned by Friedrick Mursch.
The BVM E-MiG-15 with EVF 12S 9er power was on display in the trade booth in between flights.

Brad Hughes' new custom scheme Cougar and Harley Condra's KingCat sit atop BVM Jet Carriers.

It was a very busy time for flight crews and display / sales personnel.


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