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  70+ pilots attended the 2014 Super Jets South event in Gay, Georgia, a small town just south of Peach Tree. Gordon Dickens purchased a few hundred acres in the wilderness, reshaped the topography to accept a 1,000ft X 70 ft perfectly flat runway, added some beautiful landscaping, and built a pavilion and covered paved pit areas for his jet friends to enjoy.
  The Super Jets South event is understandably a favorite for many serious jet enthusiasts who all say:

 "Thank You Gordon"

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Greg Arnette is all smiles after another flight on his latest favorite. Greg enjoys the relaxed flying qualities of the Cougar.
Brad Hughes assisted Greg Arnette on several of Greg's many flights throughout the weekend.  Greg burned over 20 gallons of Jet-A between his 3 KingTech powered models.
 Brad Hughes is new to RC and has jumped in head first with his first turbine, the BobCat. Brad has been flying with the BVM guys in Central Fl. for less than a year. We took advantage of the clear skies Sunday morning to "Cut the Cord". Brad has proven he has the knowledge and skills to earn his A.M.A. Turbine Waiver. Congrats!
Boli Muentes really enjoys his new Ultra Bandit. Boli uses a JetCat P-200SX to provide the push.
David Ribbe brought his JetCat P-180 powered Ultra Bandit to play. The paint scheme is David's creation on a plain white airframe from BVM.
Scott Harris took a moment to call for Dustin with the BVM Ultra Bandit. A KingTeck 210 provides unlimited vertical performance. The "Fly Navy" scheme is available on several BVM Jets.

Click here for more information on this model.

Ritch Holt exercised his custom painted Ultra Bandit virtually non-stop, earning him the "Best Sport Performance" award.
"Star Jet Club" with Rob Baker and his Bandit, Bill Culberson with his Ultra Bandit and Raiko Potter with Bill's Super Bandit.

Raiko Potter recently repaired and repainted this Ultra Bandit. Raiko does an excellent job with repair and refinish work. If you are in the Mobile, Al area and need a repair "Better Get Raiko" 251-635-4129.
Richard Curry finished setting up his Rabbit powered BobCat. The new Cortex Gyro offsets the crosswind and makes landing a breeze.
Eduardo Voloch preps his BobCat for another flight.
Larry Kramer with his BobCat. This BobCat must have 1000 flights by now, it is always in the air.

BobCats are great for the new jet guy or the seasoned pro.

Gordon Dickens took a break from the behind the scenes duties to enjoy his P-160 powered KingCat.
Charlie Scaife maidened his custom painted KingCat. It flew perfect, only 1 click of trim!
Steve Homenda traveled from Orlando, Fl. to fly his 10S powered Electra ARF. Steve's choice of the Navy Desert Camo scheme was a good one.
Mike Pasco, the Event Director with his EBandit. Mike applied this custom scheme to an all white airframe. He chose a BVM EVF ~3~ 12S power with a recent 9 blade upgrade.
Jonathan Smith, Nick Smith, and Mark Woodland traveled from England to enjoy some "Southern Hospitality". They keep these BVM jets stored in Florida for their frequent visits to America.

Nick Smith, Jonathan Smith, and Larry Kramer demonstrated superb formation flights with 2 BobCats and a Bandit. Mark Woodland and Bennie Van de Goor helped.

Vernon Montgomery with his Skymaster F-86. BVM's Kirby Smith assisted Vernon on this flight.
Mike Lesher logged several flights each day with his Skymaster A-10. It is a successful twin turbine project.
Scott Harris has perfected his technique with his 1 year old Skymaster F-104. A KingTech 180 provides plenty of push according to Scott.


Our gracious hosts from the Georgia Jets Club
L-R  Joe Rafalowski, Gordon Dickens, and Craig Gottschang.


A picture perfect ending to great event.



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