The Fifth Annual

  The Darby Dan Airport venue is a great site for a jet event.  Plenty of runway, wide open spaces to fly and a large hangar for overnight model storage.  Despite having a 5 year established date, there were numerous conflicting model events on the same weekend that did curtail attendance at the T.O.R.K.S. event.
  The BVM 28' Featherlite Trailer was loaded with 9 jets and we flew them all - totally enjoying the fine weather and good friends.

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  We flew the Electra X a few times showing off its brilliant "Red Hot" paint scheme.  While the X is not a production model, the paint scheme is available on standard Electra ARF's.
  The original EBandit still zooms well with its EVF ~3~ 12S power unit.  Many flights to its credit.
  Mike Grady (center) spends his Michigan winters building and detailing BVM jets.  He is one of the best (see below).  David Payne and Dustin piloted Mike's MiG-15 and F-86 Sabre performing some very impressive formation routines.  EVF ~3~ 12S units reliably power both.
  Details on Mike's MiG. The runner up in the Scale Competition.
  Part of the noon time demo flight was this BVM team effort. Rob Lynch flew his speed run winning (217 mph) Electra along side the BVM demo Ultra Bandit flown by Dustin.

BVM electric jets have come this far.

First flights were made on Dave Bloomer's EVF ~3~ 12S powered EBandit.  This Airforce Camo scheme is particularly attractive and showed well in the Ohio sky.  Dave is very pleased with his latest BVM jet.
Terry Nitsch provided this photo of two BVM's demo jets.  The Electra is one of the first examples of a kit built model, now 7 years old.  It is used to demonstrate the EVF ~2~ 10S performance on ThunderPower (2) 5S 2P 6600mAh 65C power packs.

 The first EVF ~3~ 12+ power unit operating on 14 cells was debuted in the Navy Camo EBandit.

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 Rob Lynch was the champion of E-Jets.  He captured 1st place in the Racing Event with his 3 year old Electra at 217 mph.  Rob was awarded the "Outstanding Flight" trophy for his exhibition flying and won the scale competition with this twin EVF ~3~ 12S powered BVM Phantom.  A crosswind hampered the scale flying a bit but that's where the Phantom has an advantage.
  Our F-80 Shooting Star was awarded the "Best Scale Finish" plaque and placed 3rd in the scale event.  The BVM Aluminum and Metal-Kote finish with ProMark Rivets and stencils provides a convincing aluminum skinned aircraft that is lightweight and less work than aluminum tape.

  An article on our techniques and materials will be published later.


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