Hamburg Jet Jamboree
October 3 - 6, 2013

by:  Bob Violett

 Early fall in rural Pennsylvania on this former golf course turf provides a perfect setting for maximum enjoyment of our sport and an opportunity to visit with our buddies in the Northeast.  To be sure, this is farm country, while we were careful to clear the 7ft high corn on one end of the field, the farm workers were beginning to harvest the crop.  The "Farview Flyers" are to be commended for maintaining a near perfect grass strip for jet operations.
  Personally, I flew 8-9 EVF flights each day and still managed some photos and an A-10 video.  Dustin is always busy helping other pilots with coaching and test flights plus flying our company planes.  He logged 12-14 flights per day.  The Malchione family arranges our accommodations at a hunting lodge just a few miles from the field.

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  Dustin assisted Marvin Washington on a few flights with his new BVM Ultra Bandit.  This is a factory scheme with a few custom touches.  The Ultra Bandit works well on just about any model grass field.  Tough landing gear and struts!
  Alan D'Elena engaged Dan Davidson to apply this custom Black Aggressor paint scheme to a BobCat.  Dan is a great painter. Alan does a great job flying his favorite BVM jet.
 This large Skymaster Viper jet has been working well for Dave McQueeny.

  Guest of honor at the 2013 Hamburg Jet Jamboree was Al DeGroote, Col. USAF Ret. Al flew most of the USAF's Fighter Jets of the 1950-1970's era ranging from T-Birds to F-100's.  Al's book "An Aviator's Memoirs" is an excellent read.  He captures the time, culture, and state-of-the-art of those early years of jet fighter history.

  Mike Cramer's Electra is going strong after 5 season's of operating from the grassfield at Farview.

  Besides the video flight, BV flew the EVF power A-10 twice each day.  It's a bit addictive.

Scott Geller with his Skymaster 1:6 scale Falcon with "Tiger Meet" Livery.

  Harold and brother James Little are big fans of BVM EVF powered jets.  Harold flew this 12s powered MiG-15 and EBandit and a 10s powered Red Electra multiple times each day of the event.  Not a single issue with this grassfield operation.
 George Haak is a real fan of Panther Jets. He told us at least 3 times how pleased he is with this Skymaster version.  George also volunteered his video skills and equipment to capture our twin EVF A-10 In-Action. One flight, one continuous video with some on-screen text was accomplished very efficiently.  BVM posted it just a few days after our return trip home.
 Jet Jamboree contest director, Jim Ellis spent most of his time making sure that the pilots enjoyed the event.

 He did manage a few flights on his KingCat.  Experienced business managers make excellent contest directors.

Note: This KingCat was built in 2004 by Dustin.  It looks and flies as good as new. Jim is the third owner.

  Bob Tursack applied a BVM "Wing Spar Strengthening" upgrade to this Skymaster T-33.  He enjoys it even more now in its 3rd season of flying.  Bob is very quiet about his support for this and other events at Farview; we appreciate his enthusiasm.
  Pennsylvania is home to the Dimaio family so Steve took a few days leave from his USAF duties to visit and fly this BVM Bandit.  Steve is now a BVM Rep in North Dakota.  He can help BVM/Skymaster customers have success with BVM branded products.
 Greg Wright attended many jet events in 2013 including the Hamburg affair.  Here, his F-100 in SkyBlazer livery is about to touch down after a formation flight with Dave Malchione Jr's ThunderBird Hun.
  Greg Schock captured the EVF 14S powered MiG-15 ARF as it just clears the corn stalks on approach to landing.  Dustin or BV is on the sticks.  We take turns on many BVM demo planes at all jet events.

  The Malchione Clan:  Dave Sr., Pete, and Dave Jr.

They own and fly lots of BVM and Skymaster jets.  Some are shown below.

Dave & Pete with BVM Phantom

Dave Jr with Ultra Bandit

Phantom on slow fly by

Dave Jr with BVM F-100

Pete with BVM KingCat

The family Skymaster A-10 with twin P-100's
  A relaxing evening at the lodge featured Gwen Malchione and Peanut after a hard day's work as the flight line support crew.

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