Flying Tigers Jet-Together

April 21 - 23, 2021

Greg Alderman (AKA) Alderwho drove down from Indiana to enjoy some South Carolina weather. His Go Fly 1:5.8 scale Sabre handled the grass perfectly as he logged many flights. The Huff scheme is a long time favorite. Power comes from a Lynx130 and guided by Jeti.
David Warr loves his Ultra Bandit evo. David's was one of the first production Evo's made. He powers it with a Jetsmuntz 210 and is guided by a Spektrum IX20.
David Warr with his custom schemed Renegade in Canon Livery. The Renegade is a great flying aircraft with trainer like characteristics still being fully aerobatic. David uses a Jetsmuntz 210 for power and guided by a IX20 radio.
Bruce Pennington from North Dakota made a road trip down with his 3 sons to do some flying. Bruce brought his Retro Aggressor Camo scheme along with him. The Camo pattern comes from BV's original Aggressor Bandit. Bruce powers his Renegade with a EvoJet 220 and guides it with a IX20.
Bruce Pennington also showed up with his new to him Ultra Bandit evo. This is the original BVM prototype. He powers it with a Swiwin 190 and guided with a IX20 radio.
James Yates with his beautiful Ultra Bandit evo. James powers his Bandit with a K210 and guides it with a Jeti radio system. This was taken right after the maiden flight. A couple of clicks of trim and she flew great.
Taylor Pennington made the trip down to South Carolina with his family. Taylor's Renegade is another Retro Aggressor scheme that we offer. The Camo schemes are very visible in flight and offer great contrast. Taylor powers his Renegade with a K260 and guides with a IX20.
Tanner Pennington brought along his Bandit evo. Tanner really enjoys his Bandit and logged a bunch of flights while in South Carolina. He uses a K100 and a IX12 for guidance.
BVM's Rob Lynch brought along the Renegade and Tomahawk Integral. Both planes logged many flights. The Renegade and Integral are powered with T-22's and use the IX20 radio.



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