TOP GUN 2016
by Bob Violett

    Celebrating the 28th year of this world class scale event was a great experience for all who participated. The opportunity to fly in two events and promote a new product during the half time show kept us very busy. As you can see in the photo gallery below, BVM pilots and products dominated the event. "Engineered To Win" is more than just a slogan, it is a commitment. Our thanks to Frank Tiano and his very experienced staff of judges and administrators that volunteer their time to give us the opportunity to enjoy our sport. Peter Goldsmith of the Horizon Hobby Team deservingly and convincingly won the prestigious "Mr. Top Gun" award for 2016. Lot's of talk among several pilot - what about next year? Frank is already planning for the future.

Photo Gallery
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  Dustin Buescher won the New Scale X Class with the brand new BVM PNP F-16 1:5 scale jet. It is powered with a KingTech K210G and guided by a Spektrum 18X of course.  Very high flight scores and an accurate outline match to the 3 views clinched it.

For more information on the BVM PNP F-16 1:5 scale click here.

  The new X Class has inspired a lot of interest. See for rules.


  Jason Bauer was 2nd in the X Class with this BVM F-16 1:6 scale. This model has logged hundreds of flights and still works perfectly. Tim Len is the "caller". This Texas A.N.G. scheme is particularly attractive and visible.


  Gabriel Pelligrini from Brazil taxis out for another blistering fast flight in the Unlimited Class with his BVM F-100.

  Brad Hughes accepts his 2nd place trophy in "Sportsman Jet" from announcer Sam Wright. This is a significant accomplishment because this was his first ever competition with an R/C Model. His golfing talents seamed to have carried over. Brad has logged over 200 flights on this BVM F-16 1/6th scale model.

 The Master's Class winner was Bob Violett with this seasoned F-80 Shooting Star with EVF ~3~ 12S power. 2016 was the last year for this model designer/builder class reflecting the changes in our sport.


  The Team Scale event was handily won by another BVM EVF 12S powered jet. This MiG-15 was crafted by Mike Grady and flown by Dustin. Mike's superb craftsmanship and previous Top Gun experience was rewarded with the "High Static" trophy.


  Boli Muentes has been flying this BVM 1/6th Scale F-16 for over a year and it shows. He won 3rd place in the Pro-Jet Category. Boli justly credits his caller Tom Smith with his success. Callers can really contribute to the pilots situation awareness, maneuver placement, and landing line up, especially with some crosswind which we always have to deal with.

Bill Freeland, David James, Boli Muentes, and Greg Foushi represented Team JR and BVM Jets.

  The L-39 Albatros is a new PNP offering by BVM. We had just 3 trim flights on it prior to the event, but that was all we needed to make it flight worthy and presentable. Our perseverance was rewarded with 4th place in the very competitive event. This straight wing, 140 Newton powered jet has many factory installed features that will appeal to PNP customers.

For more information on the BVM PNP L-39 Albatros click here.


  Tim Len contributed to the participation of BVM PNP Jets at Top Gun. Tim's Cougar is a seasoned model with many successes to its record.


  Jose Martin enlisted the expert building services of Tommy Woods to get his E Bandit with EVF ~3~ 12S power ready for flight. The first flight was accomplished after the competition was complete on Thursday. It was perfect. The winglets are a special Tommy touch.


  Rod Snyder is an excellent craftsman and pilot as demonstrated at Top Gun with this brilliant BVM F-100 that he flew in the Pro-Jet Category.


  Jim Safie from San Salvador, El Salvador posted some good flight scores with his BVM F-16 to earn 5th place in the Pro-Am Sportsman Class.


  House of Power Hobbies proprietor, in Sunrise, FL, Franco Di Mauro, wowed the spectators during the half-time shows with this "Smokin" BVM F-16.


  Jack Diaz's BVM 80" Sabre has competed in multiple Top Gun's. It is a classic and flown by an expert. Son Geraldo flew in from California to assist his Dad with this Pro-Jet entry.
Team Snyder Aero Sports placed second in the Unlimited Category with Rod's trusty all Flight-Metal covered BVM

Team Snyder Aero Sport group includes Rod Snyder, crew chief Chad Miller, Jimmy Safie and wife Bessy.

Pro Jet Class              
Rank Number Contestant Model Static Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Final
3 PJ11 Muentes, Boli F-16 Thunderbird 25.000 94.375 95.500 95.375 97.125 121.000
4 PJ13 Violett, Bob L-39 25.000 93.750 94.125 97.500 95.500 120.708
6 PJ02 Diaz, Jack F-86 Sabre 25.000 93.875 95.000 95.375 0.000 119.750
8 PJ12 Snyder, Rod F-100 25.000 83.625 93.125 94.875 0.000 115.542
10 PJ06 Foushi, Greg F-16C 25.000 0.000 92.250 95.875 0.000 87.708
Sportsman Class              
Rank Number Contestant Model Static Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Final
2 S19 Hughes, Brad F-16 25.000 93.625 93.500 95.500 96.625 120.250
5 S30 Safie, Jimmy F-16 25.000 94.625 83.375 93.250 96.750 119.875
19 S22 Len, Tim Cougar F9F 25.000 88.875 85.000 90.500 94.750 116.375
22 S15 Freeland, Bill F-16 25.000 78.875 89.125 90.875 89.500 114.833
Masters Class              
Rank Number Contestant Model Static Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Final
1 M06 Violett, Bob F-80C Shooting Star 96.250 96.125 92.875 95.625 94.750 191.750
Team Class              
Rank Number Contestant Model Static Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Final
1 T02 Grady, Mike &
Dustin Buescher
MiG-15 95.750 96.000 96.875 97.250 95.875 192.458
Unlimited Class              
Rank Number Contestant Model Static Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Final
2 U09 Aero Sports, Team Snyder & Snyder, Rod MiG-15 95.667 94.375 96.000 95.875 93.250 191.084
8 U08 Brazil, Team & Pellegrini, Gabriel F-100 89.417 93.625 93.250 93.250 95.375 183.500

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