Hamburg Jets
October 15 - 17, 2009
by: Bob Violett

Mid October is a beautiful time of year in Pennsylvania, and, about the end of jet flying weather for Northeastern enthusiasts.  The
-70 mid day temperatures were welcomed by this Florida guy and allowed me to enjoy up to 8 flights per day on the 5 of 8
jets I brought with me.

The Farview R/C Flyers have groomed their grassfield to a level of perfection that all clubs could strive towards.  It was very jet friendly and appreciated by all of us.  This annual event is one of my favorites making the 1,000 mile trek almost insignificant.

Photo Gallery
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This is a view of the grass runway from the west.  The surrounding terrain recedes. You could not hit a
tree if you tried.
Don DeSandre arrives in a huge rig full of jets.  This Bobcat and artfully painted Kingcat were his favorites for the weekend.
Jim Brown (R) assisted Chris Trump for many flights on this seasoned Balsa Bandit.  These friends from Canada attend several jet events in the U.S.A..  Their efforts were awarded with the "Best Sport Jet" trophy.
Alan DeLena has been operating this Skymaster Sabre for a few years and again here in Hamburg.
Andy Finizio applies his "Doctor of Dentistry" skills to his jet models and absolutely loves this sport.  This F-100F and Ultra  Bandit are just a part of his BVM fleet.  Andy heads up the jet contingent at the D.C.R.C. field
in Germantown, MD.
Leonard Smart and Bob Jesse hail from upstate New York.  This Kingcat was enjoyed by both at Hamburg.
This was the 2nd Phantom out of the BVM molds circa 1996.  It is being readied here for just another of its hundreds of flights.  It is pushed along by an early Ram 1000 engine.
Dave Jr, Dave Sr, and Pete Malchione have always made R/C jets their favorite part of the hobby.  The Sabre and Electra are both EVF powered and worked well from the grassfield.
Ron Stahl really enjoys his Electra and is now working on an EVF 5612 powered BVM F-80.  Watch for it next season.
Dave Jr. very smoothly piloted this BVM Ultra Bandit for the noontime airshow activities.
Yes, we had a little crosswind one day but the wide grass runway allowed us to operate.
The Camo Electra is almost on centerline for a
landing at Hamburg.
The BVM F-80 Shooting Star is a perfect scale platform for Electric Fan power.  This EVF 5612 example keeps winning trophies like the Hamburg Jet Rally "Best EDF" award.
Rick Boyer readies his Classic Bandit for a flight in between his duties as contest director.
Event Organizers were:
Rick Boyer
Erik Rudjord
Dave Malchione
Pete Malchione
Lee Buskirk
Contest Director
Contest Director
Assistant Contest Director
Assistant Contest Director
Event Coordinator