First-In-Flight 2012

Perfect Venue - Perfect Weather
for the 3rd Annual Memorial weekend event

  We have attended a lot of jet events over the past 25 years and appreciate the efforts of all who organize them.  They afford the opportunity for jet modelers to fully enjoy their hobby with friends and family.  The huge runway, wide open flying area, and the welcome that Wilson, N.C. extends to jet pilots makes the "First In Flight" a favorite event for east coast enthusiasts.
   During the 3-1/2 days of prime time flying it was rare to see an open flight station of the six available.  It was also significant that no flight line officials were necessary, this gathering of experienced jet pilots policed themselves by being thoughtful and courteous to their fellow pilots and conforming to a few procedures outlined in the daily morning all pilots meeting.  We are proud to say that the BVM team of flyers with BVM and Skymaster jets dominated the skies at First In Flight. A special thanks to Larry Lewis, Robert Vess, and Mike Hollowell for dedicating their time and talents to this very special Memorial Day event.

Photo Gallery
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  The Malchione boys, Dave, Dave Jr., and Pete campaigned this Skymaster A-10 Warthog using twin JetCat P-100's for power.  This Desert Camo scheme is just one of several paint schemes available.



  Mike Lesher from Lebanon, Pa. enjoys this X-Treme Jets Viper II.  Mike's smile reflects his satisfaction with the product and the fabulous "First In Flight" event.
  This Electra started as an all white airframe.  Just a little coaching at the BVM factory allowed R.J. Gonzalez to design this scheme, paint, and trim it as shown here.  Passing these skills along to the new generation of modelers is important.
  Harley Condra helped BV get some flights on the new single seat Ultra Bandit with JetCat P-200 power.  The wing tanks aid visibility and the JetCat Speed Limiting Device (left fuse front) keeps the speed below 200mph.
  This BVM 80" Sabre was originally built by Jerry Caudle.  Its Boeing Chase Plane scheme is brilliant in the air in the very capable hands of its new owner Joe Rafalowski.
  Here's another view of the Sabre along with Joe's BVM F-100 and Ultra Bandit and Greg Gottschang's Ultra.
     A visit with two nephews and a grand nephew was much appreciated by Uncle Bob.  L-R: Jack Schoeb, his dad John Schoeb, Sean Geoghan, and BV.  12 yr old Jack is very enthused by model A/C and spent some time on the flight line with me.  We shall encourage his involvement.
 Mark Edwards, Bob Fiorenze, and Suzy traveled to Wilson from Orlando, Fl. Mark's Electra was built from the kit version and finished in the Blue Angle scheme.
  A perfect attitude for a centerline touch down on one of Mark's nine flights at First In Flight.
Team Dimaio converted this early BVM F-16 to EVF ~3~ 12S power with excellent results. Steve, Anthony, and Sam pose with the Falcon just after its first flight.
  Ritchie Latteier and pretty girlfriend pose with an early vintage BVM BobCat XL. We love to see building and finishing craftsmanship remain part of our hobby.

The Malchione BVM F-4 is in its 13th year of service.

  Dave Malchione Jr. helps to keep the Malchione fleet airborne. Dave Jr. is our youngest field Rep. and very experienced.
  Fresh from its Top Gun Pro-Am win. The Skymaster F-9F Cougar on Rhino power attracts a lot of attention every time Dustin flies it.
  Harold Little is truly enjoying his (and brother James') EVF 12s powered MiG-15.  Dustin assisted many BVM customers during "First In Flight". BV just landed the Parade scheme MiG in time for this photo.
  Ricardo Mirandes flies all of dad's BVM Jets and with exceptional skill.  F-100's are still popular at major jet events.
  Steve Stricker from Sparks, Md. was really pleased with his Skymaster Phantom in the Marine Centennial livery.  The JetCat P-140 seemed a good match.  The first flight was perfect.
  The very organized installation shows some BVM pneumatic accessories and is the handy work of Steve and Peter Goldsmith.
  Scott Harris campaigned his Jet World Master's competition Sabre (BVM 80") with JetCentral Cheetah power. For this Skymaster F-16, Scott applied this one of a kind patriotic scheme.
  We happened to be in the air at the same time, so Dave Malchione and BV accomplished some formation maneuvers.  The eBandit and Sabre are both EVF ~3~ 12s powered and use ThunderPower batteries.



  A pleasant surprise for BV when the "Wright Stuff" award was presented at the end of the 3rd annual First In Flight event.  Previous winners Dustin Buescher and Reggie Showers were part of the presentation along with event organizers Robert Vess, Larry Lewis, and Michael Hollowell.


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